Hoo-roo to Dave and Karen!

Instead of G’day Mate, it’s Bon Voyage to Dave and Karen, who are happy as a box of birds to be headed Down Under for several months. This will be bonzer for them as they’ll get to lob-in and chin-wag with daughters and sons-in-law Jen and Vince, Lynnette and Brad and the nine grandkids they have in Oz.

That's a lot of ground for your Ugg boots to cover! (image from nationalgeographic.com)

But, by jingoes,  they are in the cactus with Chloe and Soho, who are spitting the dummy at the thought of their favorite housesitters heading for Bulla Manka.

These two have their knickers in a knot!

The rest of us are more or less resigned to seeing them head off to the Lucky Country since we’re pretty certain we’ve got Buckley’s Chance of changing their minds about going off  to the land of joeys and the Bushman’s Clock. So instead of flogging the cat we decided to make the best of it and put some shrimp on the barbie in their honor. Twice, since they’re so special!

Karen had the seat of honor at going-away dinner #1. She's wondering when she'll ever have time to pack!

PG announced that Dave is her "third son". Markie, meet your new bro!

Lynn and Dave W. enjoying a chat.

Dave W., me and Roger

Lovely Helene and the CE

The CE’s sister, Gail, arrived for a holiday visit with bf Paul and her famous pesto in tow (the word is, you can get it past the TSA agents as long as it’s frozen solid…good to know!) so we gathered again last night:

PG hosted the group, which included her Canadian snow bird friend, Rachel.

Paul and Karen

PG and pesto queen, Gail

Well, I guess they could be brothers: the CE and Dave

Yes, of course the dogs were invited! Gail with Miss Tart.

A few members of PG's festive Santa collection.

The travelers are soon off to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Hawaii and will then shoot on through to the Great Southern Land.  We wish you well from the Coathanger to Brizzie and we have no doubt you’ll return to us fair dinkum Aussies!

Bring us back a kangaroo for our menagerie! (image from immigration2australia.com)

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2 Responses to Hoo-roo to Dave and Karen!

  1. Katherine says:

    I had to turn on google-translate to read the first half of this blog entry. Normally I can’t rely on google-translations, but this time I’m sure I’m correct in saying that Dave & Karen are headed to the South Pole or the Emerald City. Wishing them a fabulous time! (Look out for the Cowardly Lion – it’s not really Chloe in disguise.)

  2. CE says:

    Bon Voyage’ to the wondering couple. May the kangaroos be gentle, the koalas cuddly and the shrimp ever present on that barbie.

    Also, it looks like the family Christmas is in full swing with Gail and Paul here and the dinner parties coming one after another.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

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