Grandpa and Nana go to Newport.

Nine days until Christmas and what are we doing?

Shopping? Wrapping? Addressing Christmas cards?

Nope. None of the above. We are slumming in Newport Beach, the devil-may-care alternative to contemplating the dread terror that awaits us when fifteen people show up for Christmas dinner next week.

We hadn’t yet visited Tina and John in their new home in Newport Beach, and Grandparents’ Day was scheduled at Evie’s school, so we drove down for a few lovely days in Orange County. Here are some pix:

Viv and Evie are always a bit shy when we first show up. This is their "Who are these people?" look.

Buster warms right up, though! He remembers that we reliably slip him treats under the table.

They are living on Lido Isle, which gave us a front-row seat to the festive holiday boat parade.

So many lights!

We had so much fun visiting Evie's classroom for Grandparents' Day.

Can you read the posters Evie made? When asked to describe Grandpa, she wrote "feeds chickens, silly, loves Buster". Spot on assessment, Evie!

We got to meet Evie's teacher.

And it was so fun to be at her school.

After the event at school we went to a local diner for lunch. Grandpa LOVES his chocolate malt!

Then we went to see the big tree at Fashion Island. Evie seeks help from above "please, no more pictures!"

We had dinner at their house last night while they packed to leave for their fun trip to Hawaii. Evie demonstrated a plie for us.

The girls love hanging with Dad!

They’re headed for Hawaii so it’s time for us to drive back up the coast and face the Christmas music – so many presents, so little time!

Viv is ready for fun in the sun! Aloha!

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4 Responses to Grandpa and Nana go to Newport.

  1. Katherine says:

    First of all, may i just say how nice it is to log-on and see beautiful young faces instead of that gaping throat which terrorized me for the past week?

    Did i zoom in correctly and see that Evie lists M2’s favorite things as going to restaurants? i love that.

    I admire this family for escaping the slight nip in the air that occurs in Newport Beach at this time of year, for the 3 degree warmer clime of Hawaii. (But in all seriousness, wishing them and all a wonderful Xmas.)

  2. tdevir says:

    Aloha from Hawaii!! The 3 degree uptick in temperature has been wonderful! haha
    We had so much fun with you in Newport and having you attend Grandparents day at Pegasus was very special for Evie. Thank you for visiting and decorating our house and bringing French food for us to dine on… you spoil us rotten!
    See you in a week!

  3. Ang says:

    Those girls bring cute to a whole new level. Can’t wait to spoil THEM rotten!!!!!

  4. CE says:

    It was a fun new experience going to NB before the holidays. Visiting the school, having some good food, decorating the house were all possible new tradtions! And for now, both cute girlies are basking in the warm climes of the Aloha spirit. Enjoy the Islands!

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