First Things Last. Happy Belated!

Very tardy to the party here but it’s never too late to wish the CE a Happy Semi-Major Birthday, is it?

(We won’t discuss numbers, but let’s just say there have been a flurry of calls to the Social Security Administration in the past few weeks.)

We celebrated with Dave and Karen, who surprised the birthday boy with an epicurean feast and tickets to see a group we’d never heard of but will now never forget!

A toast to the birthday boy!

Karen prepared dinner and ensconced herself right up there with some talented French chefs we know.

We are obsessed with this Swedish Apple Cake that is a tradition in Karen's family. I hope she'll share the recipe with us!

After dinner, we went to a sold-out performance for the Portland so-out-they’re-in group Pink Martini. Big band brass with a hipster twist. And the CE’s favorite twist of the evening was the indomitable, inimitable Ms. Storm Large. There is really no describing this tall drink of talent, although her name, which is her own and not a stage name, sums it up pretty well. She is, without a doubt, a force of nature! You’ve got to see her to believe her:

The CE could not be convinced to join the conga line but it was still a great evening and a memorable way to turn a year older. Happy bday, CE!

PG knows how old he is, but she's not saying.

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to First Things Last. Happy Belated!

  1. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday CE!!!!!

    Pink Martini is great – I’m green (with a touch of pink) with envy.

    I say, do what a lot of emperors do and give your age in Roman numerals. It’s much less traumatic for you, and it confuses most people into thinking you’re a lot younger (especially since you look/act it. And I say this not even knowing your age.)

  2. CE says:

    It was a very happy birthday indeed. My thanks to the Chicken Lady, Dave and Karen, my mother, Tina, Angie, Taylor and Daniel – all of whom made it a special celebration.

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