Close to the top of my long list of things to be thankful for this weekend is snark site Gawker which kindly took the sting out of turkey guilt by publishing this:

Bottom line: it's them or us, so pass the dark meat, please...(image from

At the tippy-top of the Thankfulness list, however, was getting to spend turkey time with our East coast family contingent. Angie and Bobby heroically hosted dinner with one shoulder tied behind the back this year.

Good thing the CE isn't touching the shoulder with the nine-inch incision!

I was hoping for a more "posed" photo here, but you get what you get with squirmy little boys.

As usual, we ended up more stuffed than the turkey. Great meal!

The pre-dinner table was lovely, and, as insiders can see, the three-layer jello salad was a success again this year

Taylor and Ang, taking a break from dinner prep

Like all great accomplishments, TGiving dinner came together via smoke and mirrors...mostly smoke in this case...

Nicole and Daniel: Nicole was Angie's secret weapon in the kitchen this year.

Tina and family dropped by to visit PG on the West Coast so we got a photo greeting from them – looks like CA weather is sunny this week:

PG, Evie, Viv and Tina

Ashleigh sent a photo of these two turkeys having a great holiday weekend

Coast to coast, it’s been a happy Thanksgiving for our family and I hope equally so for all of you.

Door decor at Ang and Bobby's apartment

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4 Responses to Thank-full!

  1. Katherine says:

    I just want to know what you stuffed the turkey with so Bobby could smile like that so soon after his horrendous injury, and so Angie could look so stunningly beautiful while being caretaker, mom and hostess with the mostess.

    “Door decor” is my new favorite holiday decoration. My question though, is about the 2 people along side the turkey: I think top guy is an Indian shooting the turkey with a bow and arrow. But is the guy in the lower right corner, Bobby in a shoulder sling?

  2. Ang says:

    nicole should have drawn the turkey with a wing in a sling…off to scold her.
    thanks for the props, pollo. couldn’t have pulled it off without the impromptu bbsitting of the turkeys in my house under the age of 7. will be sad to see you go! it’s never long enough!
    must start petition to get the visits up to a month long.
    xooxoxoxoxoxoxo love you

  3. tdevir says:

    aww glad i made the blog post! We were sad to miss all the action at Angie’s but I have to say that the 70 degree Cali weather was quite nice… can’t wait to all be together at Christmas! xo

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