Tulip’s first egg!

Another exciting first-egg day!

When I decided to add to our flock last spring, I included a Black Copper Marans in the order from MyPetChicken.com because I was so intrigued by the dark eggs they are known for laying. I knew that hatchery chicks will not lay eggs as dark as breeder stock, but I liked what I read about the breed:”friendly, docile and easily handled”.

That definitely describes Tulip. She is calm and stately, with a perfect hen silhouette. Of course she’s a chic chick – the Marans breed was developed in France, and like any elegant French woman, Tulip knows how to carry off a little black (feathered) dress.

Tulip as a baby chick - not even quite five months ago!

Her black feathers have a green iridescence and they are the softest feathers you can imagine!

Tulip has been showing a lot of interest in the nest the past few days and she’s been doing the “squat” just like Coco, so my money was on her to be the next one to lay.

Getting some practice on the nest.

And sure enough, this morning she laid a pretty little egg. Not chocolate brown, exactly, but I would call it russet in color, and I think that’s pretty good for a hatchery bird.

Tulip's brown egg looks so pretty next to Coco's green ones

The CE will not part with these first eggs – they are too pretty to use, he says. There will be more to come, though, and we’ll be sharing them soon!

Life is good when you're a free-ranging chicken!

For those of you missing the travelogue, not to worry – when things calm down in the chicken coop, there will be a few more posts from the south of France. Soon!

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5 Responses to Tulip’s first egg!

  1. Katherine says:

    Bien fait, Tulip!!!

    (BTW – now we know the answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg: it’s actually MyPetChicken.com)

  2. Ang says:

    Will these be scrambled or over easy?

  3. polloamigo says:

    Perhaps her first egg was an early birthday present to the CE. Happy Birthday!

  4. Chicken Emperor says:

    Tulip’s offering is a beautiful addition to Coco’s. These eggs seem like miracles; which of course, they are.

    As to her attire, it is indeed true that she pulls of “the little black feather dress” about as well as Audrey Hepburn did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, with the difference being that Audrey did not need to worry about furnishing, or even becoming, the breakfast.

    Thank you polloamigo for the Birthday greeting; it is difficult turning 39 without support from friends and family.

  5. Tina says:

    Such a beautiful egg… Tulip should be proud.
    Happy Birthday Dad!

    Ps- eagerly awaiting more French posts 🙂

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