Yes Oui Cannes!

Truth be told, after our little expedition to Saint-Tropez, we were tempted to remain cocooned in Terre Blanche until the money ran out, which, believe me, would not have taken very long! Ever slaves to the itinerary, though, we enjoyed one last latte on our sunny balcony and strapped ourselves in for the ride.

Our lovely balcony at the Four Seasons Terre Blanche in Provence

What morning coffee should always look like...

Hit the road, Jack.

We decided that the civilized thing to do was to drop by Cannes for lunch. And let me tell you, I believe I have waited my entire life to be able to form this sentence:

“Dear, don’t you think it would be just lovely to tarry in Cannes for lunch today?”

“Why, yes dear, let me get my ascot knotted just so and I’ll be ready to go.”

(Ascot, my a**, of course, but still, one can dream.)

The travel gods were with us on this beautiful day – the roads were wide and straight, our turns were never wrong and we easily found a parking place along the Cannes beachfront’s Promenade de la Croisette.

First order of business was to browse the local Saturday morning flea market. Fish knives, anyone?

We walked along La Croisette, where boutique after high-end boutique beckoned. Too bad about that Euro vs. the dollar thing…

However, if one cannot shop, one can always dine, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch on the terrace of the beautiful Hotel Carlton.

The grand hotels along La Croisette are a reminder of the draw of the famed Cannes Film festival. The loveliest of them all is the Carlton.

The Hotel Carlton dining terrace in Cannes

A far cry from the usual US salad

Ah, sole!

After lunch we crossed the street to walk along the waterfront, keeping an eye out for celebrities. Unfortunately, this was the only one I saw:

The Chicken Emperor of the Carribbean! (Polloamiga, this one's for you!)

And then, back to the car to head to our next – and final – vacation destination. More to come…

View from the waterfront at Cannes

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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8 Responses to Yes Oui Cannes!

  1. Chicken Emperor says:

    Yes, the trip to Cannes was wonderful, and the walk along their promenade and our glorious lunch al fresco are to be long remembered. The only negative was the incessant pressure from film fans for the Chicken Lady and myself to come up with another blockbuster film starring Hope and Autumn as pirates. They are Hopeful (ahmmmm) of challenging Johnny Depp’s dominance of this genre. So it was necessary for me to get into full costume in order to stimulate new ideas for the roles of our stars. At this point we do not have much other than Hope and flock swinging their little swords in a swashbuckling fashion at the hawk that continues to eye them as lunch. In one version under consideration, that predatory bird is made to walk the plank and to drop into Chloe’s water bowl. In any case, our future return to Cannes should demonstrate that Mr. Depp is not the sole owner of the pirate franchise.

  2. Katherine says:

    I remain, an unattractive shade of green over here. Not the shade of the leaves in Provence. Nor the one of the lettuce in your salad. Nor the shade of the palms in Cannes. Just, an ugly green.

    But that does not stop me from envisioning some wonderful tarred-and-feathered films. Perhaps something by Giblet & Sullivan? “Pirates of Poultry”? “HMS Pippa”? Or perhaps “20 Thousand Eggs Under the Seat”? The mind reels. I do think one should avoid, at all costs, “The Count of Monte Crisco.” That just seems rude.

  3. Seems like you had a great, great time!

  4. Ang says:

    Better yet, I shall ship you Thomas’ pirate costume from a few Halloween’s back and you can show up next time in FULL FASHION for the elegant sojourn. PIrate hat, complete with feather. No, not yours Hope, simmer down.

  5. alexandra says:

    haha! I love The Chicken Emperor of the Carribbean!

  6. Chicken Emperor says:

    For Catherine: Indeed, the mind reels. Hemingway has left us some classics, including “The Green Hens of Africa”, “For Whom the Bell Clucks”, “Old Man and the Coop”, and “A Farewell to Wings”. What say? You prefer Steinbeck? Then you must consider: “Cluckery Row”, “Of Mice and Hen”, and “The Eggs of Wrath”, and these just for starters. Indeed, the mind reels……..

  7. polloamigo says:

    My heart did stop a beat!

  8. polloamigo says:

    Ang’s idea is a good one. Halloween is almost here and I have seen no signs of animal costumes…..

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