Provence is the beauty queen of the travel world. Lavender, sunflowers, tomatoes, olive oil that tastes like liquid sunshine – it’s as if God saved all the best bits to sprinkle over this little corner of France.

Ridiculously beautiful! (image from

For the lavender and sunflowers, you are advised to visit from late June until August; but along with the pretty flowers you get crowds. We had glorious weather the third un-crowded week of September, and not even a breath of the mistral, that fierce and naughty wind that is rumored to drive Provencales mad, or at least to drink – I never saw any pastis during our trip, but apparently it is considered to be the regional breakfast of champions.

Ricard is the favored brand of pastis in Provence (image from

Our time at the Four Seasons Terre Blanche, in the hills about a half-hour drive from Cannes, was memorable for cornflower-blue clear skies, a hint of rosemary in the wind and perfect 75-80 degree temperatures. And for a whiff of “American-ese” – spacious rooms, USA-style showers, and lots of English spoken for us dunderheads who didn’t bother to learn some French before we got on the plane.

You can see our room in this photo - and the hills look JUST like Santa Barbara, don't they? (image from

We were there four nights, a perfect mid-trip respite to read by the gorgeous infinity pool, do laundry in the giant bath tub and gaze out at the hills of Provence above Cannes, which looked an awful lot like the views at home! Now I understand why they call our area the “American Riviera”.

And yes, the food was good. More gambas!

The resort boasts an inventive art collection - I especially liked this Napoleon-themed sculpture.

The spa building is so impressive, we initially mistook it for the hotel. Most expensive manicures on the face of the earth...

And my favorite thing of all, room service coffee in the mornings.

If you’re getting sick of how wonderful every moment was, stay tuned for a less-than-perfect day during this leg of our trip…

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3 Responses to Prov-ahhhhh-nce!

  1. Katherine says:

    i don’t know what’s more impressive – the view from your room, the art, or the seemingly three pots of coffee delivered in the morning. They really want you wired – perhaps so you’ll need to partake in the relaxing spa services later?

  2. Chicken Emperor says:

    It is all coming back to me; the ridiculously tasty coffee, hard rolls and jam, and the lovely food presented with elegance and style. Not unlike other experiences to be had in other countries I suppose, but nowhere else will you find the food experience to be savored by the servers as well as the patrons. Ahhh, France. How blessed we were to have that time there, as the photos and text above can attest. Only the impossible language barrier got in the way of experiencing this beautiful country to the fullest, and that is the fault of the traveler alone.

  3. Ang says:

    Speechlessly gorgeous.

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