The Louvre and a special lunch.

Wednesday morning we walked over to the Louvre. A few favorite sightings:

The CE in the Tuileries...

If he looks at all worried, it's because he's wondering if our museum passes will work - they did!

I know everyone else goes to see the Mona Lisa, but the Venus de Milo was my first stop.

Am I the only one who thinks Athena looks like Daryl Hannah here?

Ang, this shot of the Winged Victory of Samothrace is for you.

David's Coronation of Napoleon - you can only imagine how happy the CE was to see this!

There was so much more, but enough about art – we were in Paris, for heaven’s sake, so let’s move on to food!

I had arranged a lunch reservation at Le Grand Vefour, where Napoleon and Josephine dined back in the day. The thoughtful Maitre d’ saved seats at the “Napoleon” banquette for us and we had the most amazing lunch experience. The food, the interior of the restaurant, and the lucky happenstance of sitting next to a gracious and interesting couple from the states who are regulars at the restaurant and guided us through the memorable experience of dining there. Lucky, lucky us!

Just amazing - IF you can find it - we wandered for blocks before we finally found our way through the maze of tiny streets where Le Grand Vefour is located.

If you are a mouse, THIS is where you want to find cheese!


It was one of our favorite days in Paris! We miss you all! xoxo

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4 Responses to The Louvre and a special lunch.

  1. polloplayer says:

    CE here with Traveler’s Tip #6: Traveling Companions

    The choice of a suitable companion can greatly affect one’s experience. Therefore, we can immediately eliminate one’s seventh grade gym teacher, your old college roommate who has gone off the deep end with Hara Krishna, your aunt Mabel who only shuts up in between swigs of highly caffeinated espressos, and your weird neighbor who cannot travel without his/her parrot (who sports a salty 8 word vocabulary). And speaking of animals, although dogs are encouraged as travel companions, not so with the following:

    1. Goldfish, as they represent transport challenges
    2. Cats, for the obvious reasons
    3. Pet gerbils, as they are usually not permitted in fine hotels.
    4. Pet orangutans, especially those undergoing long term steroid treatment, as their violent outbursts are incompatible with European salon behavior.
    5. Leave both your spitting and King cobras at home.

    So, you might rightly ask, what makes a suitable traveling companion? For those of you fortunate enough to have one, I can strongly recommend a wonderful, loving wife of 30+ years who has spent many long hours researching your trip of a lifetime. For those of you without a suitable companion, the Travel Tip is: Go anyway.

  2. polloplayer says:

    Awww, CE that was sweet. Will you still travel with me if I insist on bringing an orangutan?

  3. Ang says:

    heart stopped at ‘my’ photo. thanks. xo

  4. Julia says:

    That array of cheese leaves me drooling!! What an amazing trip!

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