Most handsome Frenchman I’ve seen!

Je suis fatigue  – too tired to post tonight, but just have to share this adorable little fellow we saw riding on the back of a motorcycle near our hotel. Can I bring him home? Please?

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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6 Responses to Most handsome Frenchman I’ve seen!

  1. jess says:

    Do it! I’m sure the CE won’t notice with all the other feathered/fluffy friends at home. And the original owner probably will appreciate having a lighter load on the motorcycle. And I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with some good excuse at Customs/Immigration. You’re clever! Or Katherine can come up with a good excuse….

  2. Tina says:

    He needs a little Louis vuitton helmut!

  3. polloplayer says:

    Chicken Emperor here with Travel Tip #4, this one dealing with getting clean in a European hotel.

    Start by securing soap and shampoo, which should be furnished unless you are staying in a “sock hotel” (one where the removal of socks is unthinkable as it could lead to encounters with nasty floor vermin).

    Armed with your cleaning products, enter the shower cautiously. (Are you kidding me? You are NOT taking a bath.) If you are an average sized American your body will soon be pressing against all 3 walls and the shower door at the same time. This could easily cause your belly or backside to turn on the hot water. Should that happen, immediately drop to the shower floor and cry out for assistance as scalding can occur rather quickly.

    If you survive the entry process you are ready to turn on the water using your hands. Note that it squirts, not out of the wall, but from the end of a hose with a sprayer at the end. You have the option of leaving the sprayer in its wall mount, in which case you could slowly rotate yourself like a chicken on a rotisserie to nicely wash your bottom half. But most travelers elect the full body option by picking up the sprayer. This initially presents no problems except that each time you set the sprayer down to add more soap or rinse yourself, the sprayer will leap, dance and squirt playfully around the shower stall. This undirected spray will likely scald you or lash out at all of the nice dry towels stacked right outside the shower stall.

    So you might rightfully ask, where is the Traveler’s Tip in all of this? Simple. Shower before you leave home, take a vat of perfume/cologne with you and forget about showering during your trip. Time to go home when your spouse insists that you have your own table at dinner.

    • Katherine says:

      Brilliant. That does explain why the French are famous for their cologne. And speaking of cologne – perhaps the pooch above could direct you to the Chewnel No. 5 store. (Chien No. 5?)

  4. polloamigo says:

    Steven, I suggest you consider compiling your travel tips in a helpful guide for travelers. In all the travel books/websites I’ve scoured, I have not come across tips quite like yours. Certainly none so entertaining. Just when you get the Hotel Bristol’s dancing shower sprayer tamed it will be on to a new hotel.
    Love that pouch. I think Soho would love him too.

  5. Katherine says:

    They have student exchange programs. Why shouldn’t they have pooch exchange programs? I’m sure my Rhodesian would love to see his South African “homeland.”

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