Ryan Gosling: from Chick Magnet to Chicken Magnet

Ryan Gosling is taking a break from being a sexy, scruffy, smoldering screen presence and is speaking out on behalf of chickens. Thanks to Polloplayer correspondent Tina for this one: RadarOnline recently reported that the talented actor/musician/Mousketeer has written a letter to the FDA urging them to re-consider their stance on the use of spray foam  in currently-appoved methods for culling commercially-raised chickens and turkeys.

image from RadarOnline

I have not been able to find any information on the method he describes, but there’s plenty of dissent on the Whole House Gassing approach he recommends, so the alternative must be truly horrific. If you’re in the mood to cross poultry off your menu forever, you could read this 2005 paper from United Poultry Concerns calling for a re-think on poultry slaughter methods: http://www.upc-online.org/slaughter/22805karenflu.htm

If your last name is Gosling, I guess you kind of owe it to the world to be a friend to birds. Gosling’s big break was in the two-tissue-box tear jerker The Notebook, a movie that is now endlessly recycled on television to the consternation of innumerable males who are forced to watch it with their weeping girlfriends and wives. Less well known and a personal favorite of mine is Gosling’s turn in Lars and the Real Girl. Very, very few actors could play the part he did and have a watch-able film as a result. Gosling , with some help from Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson and the bleak exteriors of the film’s Ontario, Canada location, delivered a virtuoso performance. Very much worth seeing, although I suspect the boyfriends and husbands may not be lining up for this one, either. Add his spectacular turn in Blue Valentine and you’ve got three sure Ryan Gosling performances that are all but guaranteed to kill the potential for romance in any given evening.

Lars and his perfect plastic girlfriend (image from amomentarylapsewithjoel.blogspot.com)

While Gosling may not be doing much for mood enhancement, he is making a genuine flap on behalf of poultry. All the chicks here are fans!

"Where do we sign up for the Ryan Gosling fan club?"

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2 Responses to Ryan Gosling: from Chick Magnet to Chicken Magnet

  1. jess says:

    I adore Ryan Gosling and agree with your sentiments. I’ve also always admired his push to further the causes he believes in. Not your typical Hollywood actor. Yay Ryan! (*first post*) (*!!!!*) (*too bad I can’t think of some witty thing to type*)

  2. Katherine says:

    While I adore that he’s speaking up, I can’t get past laughing at the connection to his last name. It really does make sense, as you point out. Not sure what I’m supposed to do – petition for the rights of ancient kings of Burgundy? Does remind me of my sister-in-law’s father who was captain of the local fire department and had the last name “Burns.”

    Back to Ryan and the chicks – keep him away. He likes pretty young things. I can see him making a play for Luna.

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