Goodnight Irene; Aloha, Maui!

Smoothest Hawaii trip ever for the CE and me  – until we arrived and learned that Hurricane Irene would be knocking on East Coasters’ doors over the weekend. Taylor, who hasn’t had a vacation in a long, long time, was scheduled to fly out of Dulles Saturday afternoon to join us. According to the news reports, that would be just about the time WDC would be getting a big dose of Irene.

The stately entrance to the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea

Some airlines began canceling their Saturday flights as early as Thursday afternoon, so we unpacked our bags and went to work on a re-route that would get Taylor here ahead of the storm. He was all set on a flight out of Dulles to LA after work on Friday.

Until it was delayed.

And delayed.

You know how that goes. On the plane. Off the plane. Waiting in Sticky-Vinyl-Airport-Gate-Chair Limbo.

Luckily, a different plane arrived at a different gate and our Maui-bound passenger was back in business. After all, he’d dealt with an earthquake earlier in the week – no need to top it off with a hurricane.

After spending what was left of that night in LA,Taylor arrived at the airport to board his Maui flight – which was…you guessed it…delayed. Instead of sipping Mai-Tais by the pool, the CE and I were madly refreshing the United Airlines flight status screen on our phones every five minutes.

All’s well that ends well, however. Taylor eventually arrived, as did his friend, Easton. Irene, as it turns out, was the no-show, as our East coast informants thought it much ado about nothing. We may be having more wind on south Maui than anyone in NYC. It’s breezy here. No, we are not complaining. The vacation is on!

Surf's up!

Twins separated at birth?

Beach at Wailea, Maui

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2 Responses to Goodnight Irene; Aloha, Maui!

  1. Ang says:

    eat some fresh fruit for us! enjoy!

  2. Katherine says:

    It’s a good thing there was a lovely, relaxing vacation after the ordeal Taylor went thru. (Although I suppose the term ordeal is relative.)

    The only hurricanes should be the kind with cocktail umbrellas in them. Enjoy!

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