Betting on Casino

Here’s a photo of Casino, the Hula Hen who is contending with the same “plumbing” issues as Autumn.


Casino has clearly already hit the jackpot in that she has Emily as a guardian angel to watch over her. We’ll hope to hear more happy updates.

Meanwhile, I did find another thread at BYC detailing a possibly successful hysterectomy for a hen with internal laying/egg yolk peritonitis.  The qualifier is that the hen did later die, but the owner thought it was due to unrelated causes.

Anyone interested can read more at:

Autumn seems a bit perkier today, maybe because she had a “celebrity” visitor yesterday:

Victoria took time out from classes at USC to give Autumn a cuddle.

Probably best not to tell Autumn that Ashleigh made Chicken Picatta for dinner…

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7 Responses to Betting on Casino

  1. Katherine says:

    Casino is adorable. And she has her own chick! I hope they both, as well as Autumn, enjoy good health from here-on-out.

    It looks as though USC is treating Victoria well. (I think the pretty manicure means her days of picking up chicken poop are over, at least for a while.)

  2. Katherine says:

    I just can’t seem to get the right Casino-related jokes and I keep trying. I know there’s something with “a bird in the hand” and a poker hand, but it’s just not coming to me. Let’s face it, I’m just “off” this week.

    Come on, CE – limp in here to help me out…. (and that was a poker reference, not an ankle reference.)

  3. Katherine says:

    It’s 8:27 am Saturday morning. Do you know where your polloplayer is? … I’ve been checking since 7 am… I’m just saying… I’m trying to be patient… but there’s chicken news to learn and I feel so out of the loop.

  4. Emily says:

    wow! Casino is famous!! Do you want to know how she got her name? It’s pretty silly. It’s because of that Lady Gaga song “Poker Face” When that song was out, Casino showed up (at the plant nursery I work at – don’t know where she came from) and we became friends with her. And there is that line in the song “Like a chick in a casino.” She is probably not talking about a chicken, but somehow it stuck and she became Casino. Her first boyfriend was named Poker Face but after many months of being inseparable he ran off into the hills with some other hen.

    As for Casino, I’m really not sure how she is doing. I was away on a trip from the 20th – 29th of August and while I was gone she was doing ok – still eating and stuff. But when I got back she was not doing so good. I went up to see her and she was there but not coming to me and not wanting to eat much at all. I took her back to the vet on thursday night and he gave her another round of Lupron. Since then I’ve kept her confined for fear of her getting more sick and then not being able to find her. She is not happy about it. Every night she has slept in a box in my bathroom. A friend of a friend let me bring her over to her house and let her scratch around in their coop so that was good. But she’s still not happy not being out and about. I also give her a little bit of powder mixed food the vet gave me (force fed). She hates that too. It’s been nonstop Casino care since I got back from my trip. Can’t get anything else done. Yesterday morning and this morning though when I let her out of the bathroom in the morning she did eat some food so that was a glimmer of hope. And today she was really into papaya too. I hope she continues to eat more. But I still don’t know whether to let her go free or not.

    I see you are here in my neck of the woods, though on another island. Looks like you are enjoying it – have fun!

    Oh – that pic of her was the one batch of babies we “let her have” (sort of by accident – we were quite uneducated back then about how chickens have babies and didn’t know if they were fertilized or not). Anyways, that was Beyonce(yes after the singer) and Bronty (short for Brontosaurus) (both roosters it turned out) They grew up to be handsome boys but then within a few days of each other ran off somewhere. By that time Casino had already shunned them (I guess because it was time for them to find their own territory). I was sad when they left, but I guess that is the way of nature.

    • Emily says:

      ah, just looked at that pic again. That is Beyonce in front and Bronty is under Casino’s wing. You can see his little tail sticking out. He was more of a “momma’s boy” than Beyonce was.

    • polloplayer says:

      Love the story of how Casino got her name! The fact that she is eating is a good sign. Our experience with Autumn has been that every two or three weeks she needs another Lupron shot. Maybe Casino will be more fortunate. Keep us posted.

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