Chickens Not-So-Little

News flash from the coop: Hope is OVER IT – motherhood is apparently not all it’s cracked up to be once they become teenagers. (Oh, reeeaaaalllyyy? What a surprise!) She makes a beeline out of the coop in the morning and can’t get far enough away from the little ones, who peep and carry on relentlessly until she returns.

"Mom Mom Mom"

Just a few weeks ago, if I gave Hope a treat, she would drop it for the chicks to get. Now, she barely tolerates themĀ – if they get too close or compete with her for food, she will peck them!

New favorite activity: decimating the potted plants in the Chicken Kingdom

Lucy is still the most skittish, even though Speckled Sussex are supposed to be friendly and docile. No one told her!

Nine out of ten photos somehow end up being of either Pippa or Luna. Even as gawky adolescents (the chicks are eight weeks old now), they are so fun to look at.

Pippa and those feathered feet!

Little Luna

Lucy and Coco looking BIG!

The most entertaining part of the day is (if, like me, you have no life and spend your time staring at chickens) watching them settle into the coop at night. Tulip has convinced us that she is half Black Copper Marans and half vulture. Look where she sleeps:

Tulip and Autumn

Hmmm...extremely vulture-like

The rest of them are still trying to cuddle up and sleep under Hope at night. This is not going well for Hope:

"What the heck?"

She pecks at them but to no avail. This is how it ended up last night :

"Sigh. Remind me why I wanted kids?"

Another sign that Hope is ready to wrap up motherhood is that she has started laying again; we’ve gotten three eggs in the last four days.

Hope is back in business!

I’m intrigued by Hope’s parenting philosophy: love them while they’re adorable little fluff-balls and ditch them when they become annoying adolescents. Who said chickens are dumb?

"But we're so cute - how can she not love us anymore?"

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3 Responses to Chickens Not-So-Little

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh my how I laughed at this blog entry. Poor Hope. Such a good and tolerant mom and her pay back – squawking, demanding teenagers under foot (literally.) For all we know Pippa is asking for laser-foot-feather removal, Luna wants permission to get a spray-tan, Tulip wants flying lessons, and she’s worried Lucy needs a therapist. What’s a mom to do? Since she has no access to a bubble bath and glass of Chardonnay at the end of the day, I think pecking at them is her only option.

    As usual, I think other people’s kids are adorable and their antics amusing.

    I swear Autumn is standing there saying “I told you this would end badly but did you listen?”

  2. CE says:

    The little tykes are free to leave the nest, but no, they choose to hang around the coop hoping for mom to provide everything. Hope is making the right decision to peck them now and again. This always worked well here at home, which is why all four of our kids, if you look closely, have pock marks all over their bodies. But notice that each of them is out in the world, seeking their own way, and not trying to force themselves under a reluctant mother for nighttime comforting. The Chicken Method of parenting has much to recommend it as far as I can tell.

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