…And they’re off!

We gathered Wednesday night for two big good-byes: Victoria leaves tonight to start a Masters program at USC. And Daniel and his long-time friend, Hannah (they met when they were 3!) left Thursday morning on a two-week trip across the US to Boston. They made it to Arizona by Thursday evening, and to Alamosa, Colorado Friday night. I didn’t hear from them last night so they may have been without phone service (or, as I lay awake for hours worrying last night, either lying near-death in a culvert or being held hostage by marauding drug lords, take your pick…)

They’ve started a hilariously well-written (no, I’m not biased because I’m his mother) trip blog at

We feted them all with (what else?) a spaghetti dinner al fresco Wednesday evening. Which means that French chef Ashleigh made an Italian dinner for our German/Irish/Scandinavian family and hers (French/Irish as far as I know) with guests Hannah and her brother John (French/English?) Alexandra (Scandinavian/French) stopped by to bid the travelers farewell. Gotta love what passes for the melting pot around here.

Alexandra and the Tart (100% Coton for her- one of the few purebreds in the group)

Granny made a batch of her famous sweet rolls for the road. Yum!

Alexandra and Ashleigh; stirring the pot

You can't leave until Dizzy gives his permission


The cook gets a hug from her mom, Marie-Christine

Michael savors a bite

At table.

Victoria heads off to grad school at USC next week. Please don't tell the Tart she's leaving!

Ashleigh picked apricots off of our tree for the clafouti. Divine!

Did I mention it gets cold here? John warms up in Daniel's old swim parka

Re-run: spaghetti for a breakfast send-off, another family tradition

"Thanks, Dad, for EVERYTHING!"

John and Hannah

It's never easy to say goodbye to Chloe

Safe travels to all of you! We love you and will miss you! xoxoxo

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2 Responses to …And they’re off!

  1. Katherine says:

    Little known fact: if Lewis & Clark had had spaghetti for breakfast, it would not have taken them 2 years to cross the country.

    Also: Hannah is smarter than Sacagawea was. (And that’s really a nod to Hannaniel’s first blog entry. I may never sleep now that I have another blog to track.)


  2. Dad says:

    Although I really enjoyed all of the pictures in this posting, the recurring theme of “goodbye” made it somewhat poignant. However, this is all part of life, so to all I say……………….Bon Voyage’ and safe travels! And write when you get work.

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