San Diego Salute

We road-tripped it to San Diego last weekend with PG in tow to visit nephew Nick, aka The Midshipman, who is stationed there for a few weeks. He’s doing fun things like riding around on aircraft carriers and submarines and getting a peek at what it’s like to be an officer in the  United States Navy.

Nick and PG at meal #1: Sat am breakfast

This particular weekend, however, was dedicated, more than less, to the art of fine dining. It was impressive to see a trained military professional do battle with a knife and fork. I am here to tell you he took no prisoners!

Meal #2: At Cowboy Steak in downtown San Diego, you can order a side scallop or two to top your side of beef

I know, you’re thinking we did nothing but eat. That’s almost true. But we did manage to sneak in  a trip to the San Diego Zoo, where instead we watched a young Giant Panda eat. That little guy – 23 months old, they told us,  has grown rather portly on a  diet of bamboo. Leads me to believe that vegetables must be caloric and we should strictly limit our choices to steak, lobster and chocolate desserts.

This young Giant Panda was the fifth born at the San Diego Zoo. He loves his bamboo!

Nick with a giraffe in the background. No, he did not eat the giraffe for lunch.

A python skeleton on display at the zoo, which looked positively inviting compared with the ginormous Albino Burmese Python we saw lurking nearby.

An impressive Harpy Eagle. My chickens would have a heart attack at the sight of him!

View from our hotel

By Sunday morning, we worked up quite an appetite from the effort of eating at Cowboy Star on Saturday night, so we went to brunch at the Westgate Hotel for meal #3. Recommended!

At the Westgate Hotel

After brunch, we caught the ferry over to Coronado Island. PG has fond memories of the Hotel Del Coronado, so we stopped there for a glass of iced tea, then headed back to the ferry because, of course, we didn’t want to be late for our dinner reservation.

On the ferry

The venerable "Hotel Del" as PG calls it

Sunday night dinner (meal #4 ) was at Bertrand at Mister A’s. I don’t quite understand why the restaurant needs two names, but we were too busy enjoying the view to ask questions. Perched on the top floor of a bank building in downtown San Diego, the restaurant affords views of just about everything in the area, including the steady stream of airplanes landing at the San Diego airport. The food and service were as top-notch as the view.

Our midshipman had to be back on base by midnight Sunday, which brought our weekend – and the food binge –  to a reluctant close. I would like to know if the Navy has a strategy for fighting the battle of the restaurant-induced bulge for those of us who are not 20 years old and in fighting trim. I could use a little help.

After his summer posting in San Diego and a little R & R back home in Florida,  Nick will return for his junior year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. We hope to visit him there sometime soon and see how the East Coast restaurateurs measure up.

Best of luck and Godspeed to Nicholas and all the others dedicated to protecting our country!

The CE, PG and Nick

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3 Responses to San Diego Salute

  1. Katherine says:

    I’m still reeling from the photo of the meal on top of a meal (scallops on steak.) Makes my bowl of cereal as I read this, seem wimpy. Perhaps I should have put an omelet on top of the cereal.

    I do think, however, that you’ve inadvertently stumbled on the hawk solution. Teether that bad boy up, put a leash on him, give the CE some large leather gloves and change his name to the BW (bird wrangler.)

    Glad you had fun in San Diego. Tell PG that I too have fond memories of the Hotel Del!

  2. Ang says:

    Great. Now I am STARVING.

  3. CE says:

    The trip to San Diego to see Nick was a great adventure, as we were able to do a few of the wonderful SD tourist things (zoo, ferry, Hotel Del). And the food was as good as it could get, and lots of it. But the best part was spending a little time with cousin Nick and seeing him eat (which reminded us of our own guys, Taylor and Daniel, chowing down. It was also fun to share all of this with granny. Thanks to all involved for the fantastic time.

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