See how they’ve grown!

Just a quick update on the chicks. They are a month old and SO BIG! I don’t get to handle them very much since Hope calls the shots and doesn’t like them to leave her side. Most of them are extremely wary of humans, but some of them can be persuaded to eat a meal worm out of my hand. Luna seems to be the friendliest and Pippa is fairly calm once she is caught, which is not easy. I managed to grab Lucy last night and brought her into the house for a visit, which quickly turned into a wild chicken chase – she flew off the countertop and ran all the way upstairs, downstairs and then back upstairs before the CE and I managed to corner and catch her.

Pippa, wearing her little "Ugg" feathered feet

Luna, the Silkie, crying for her mama

Lucy,the Speckled Sussex, poised for her great escape.

Autumn started laying those confounded wind eggs again, which, after her bout with egg yolk peritonitis, is not a good sign. So we took her into the vet yesterday and she received a Lupron shot and a calcium shot.

If there's such a thing as a brave chicken, Autumn is it!

After her doctor appointment, Autumn stopped by a local bookstore to hang out with the proprietor.

Jerry at Lost Horizon Bookstore, no doubt holding his first chicken

No word from Autumn on what she’s currently reading, but I suspect it may be something like “100 Ways to Hide from a Hawk”. That young Red-Tailed Hawk has become a permanent fixture overhead, so we can only let Hope and the chicks out of the pen when they are closely supervised. It’s not easy to be a chicken!

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1 Response to See how they’ve grown!

  1. Katherine says:

    The original Pippa would never be caught in Ugg boots, but yours has a style all her own. I can, however, see Princess Kate in a full-length white feathered gown such as Luna is sporting. Lucy is living up to her name in a way – part Lucille Ball/part Lucy in the Peanuts comic – having you chase her around the house is a variation on Lucy always pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown.

    Glad to see the little ones happy and health but now Autumn is on my list of ones to worry about 😦 Please keep us updated. And tell the Hawk that not ALL feathered ones are welcome there.

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