So much to celebrate!

Alexandra may be the only person who can claim her birthday was upstaged by chickens. Her birthday was last week and we celebrated with a lovely lunch:

Chelsea, Claire, Alexandra and Victoria

Pamela and Alexandra

Alexandra drove south to celebrate her birthday with a hot-air balloon ride, but the rest of us gathered here on Saturday afternoon for what turned into a Chick-Naming-Party. I’m going to try to post a poll with the names in contention, but for the moment, you’ll have to be content with pictures from the event:

Ashleigh made some amazing treats for our guests!

Victoria created the chick-naming materials

The Chicken Kingdom is looking good

Hope marched her babies out from the coop right on cue as the guests began to arrive

Pamela visits with the little Black Copper Marans chick

Phyllis enjoys the Silkie

Ashleigh holds the little Easter Egger

Katherine makes sure that Autumn doesn't feel left out

Pamela and Kirk re-define chicken coop attire (they were on their way to another party, that didn't involve pine shavings)

Soho the scaredy cat: "If I don't look at it will it go away?"

Our neighbor, Jo, dropped by to welcome the baby chicks

So did Chadd and his friend, James

Lori and Victoria

Birdie even joined us for some outdoor time

Julia, Victoria and I enjoyed a little late-afternoon sunshine when the fog finally lifted a bit

Somehow I missed getting a photo of Marie-Christine. Maybe that means we need to name a chick after her…

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and, in addition to being splashed all over the blog (thanks for all the nice comments!) the CE enjoyed a lovely brunch and reveled in the phone calls from all the far-flung kids. Julia brought fresh-baked banana bread and Victoria made a pie and some amazing artwork, so it was a very sweet day.

King for the Day, and Emperor forever!

PG and the CE

Trying our hardest here to make every day a holiday!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to So much to celebrate!

  1. Ang says:

    Can I be in the chicky naming poll? The black one, I vote Slash. The Silkie I still say Kate after Middleton. The other three; Svete, Acorn and Indiana.

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