All Grown Up: The Party

The CE and I decided that despite all the pressing responsibilities here at Chicken Central (that’s a joke; we have no life) we really didn’t want to miss Daniel’s 21st birthday party. So we hopped a plane on short notice (thank you, Ashleigh and Paul and Victoria, for covering for us!) and headed to NYC for a long weekend.

We laid low in Soho since the plan was to surprise the Birthday Boy at his party. Walked up to The Spotted Pig on Friday to meet our contact there, Nina, and make sure everything was ready for the party.

The Spotted Pig

There was apparently quite a bit of discussion about WTW to Daniel’s celebration, with words like “fierce” and “sartorially” being thrown around in otherwise normal sentences. The CE and I fretted a bit about how to dress but quickly realized – hey, we’re old, no one cares how we look! There ARE benefits to aging besides the senior discount, as it turns out!

Daniel managed to be genuinely surprised to see us without sacrificing an iota of his debonnaire demeanor, which is saying quite a bit considering that he was simultaneously hoisting what I’m told is a “pimp cup”(these were not big back in the 70’s…) It was great to have our family all together and get to see Daniel’s friends, too.

Kind of a Snoop Dog meets Ed Helms thing going on here...

The CE and the birthday boy

The food was great, the room was great, the evening was great, and I hear that it continued to be great long after the oldsters had doddered on home. I know it meant a lot to Daniel to have his friends and family all there to help him celebrate. Thanks for joining us!

Our menu for the evening

That's TSP's very own and awesome Nina on the right

Taylor and Angie

Pouring the champagne

Daniel's high school friend, Christian, flew all the way from Berkeley to toast Daniel on his 21st

Our four all together for the baby's big birthday

I was trying to not be overly intrusive with the camera so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked – if any of you partygoers out there have some you can forward to me, I’ll update this post. Thanks!

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2 Responses to All Grown Up: The Party

  1. matimbeh naomi says:

    i love recreations like this

  2. Chicken Emperor says:

    The party was truly special, wilth thanks to the many people who made it so. The Chicken Lady did a great job organizing and planning and it really paid off when we all got to experience the Spotted Pig’s banquet room. Is was memorable to be part of Daniel’s last little taste of youth-hood as he moved into full-on adulthood. Nice friends Daniel, who would all come to help you celebrate, and loyal family members Tina, Angie and Taylor made it special also. Now if I could only get a chance to dance at the next gig……

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