Re-wind Pt 3 of 3: They say it’s your birthday!

Just a run-of-the-mill birthday, or so I thought. As they stack up, they seem less like a collection and more like, well, old age, I guess. I was planning to be happy with the gift of tyrannical tv remote appropriation (anyone up for an NCIS marathon?) but someone (not naming names, but Victoria comes to mind…with assistance from Ashleigh and the CE) stopped just a chicken feather short of declaring it a national holiday. And now, with not one, but two, birthday dinners and innumerable gifts later, I stand before you, another year older and woefully behind on writing thank-you notes.

From birthday dinner #1: Alexandra, PG and the Diz

The CE and VIctoria with the best birthday dessert ever: Trifle!

Beautiful flowers from Katherine

Be still my heart! The CE gave me a signed album cover of Joni Mitchell's "Wild Things Run Fast". Best gift ever from the best husband ever!

The table is set for dinner #2

Victoria and Ashleigh worked for hours and hours and hours on the second birthday dinner. The food was so amazing I want to go back and have it all over again!

The salad was a meal in itself!

Ah, popovers and prime rib! Heavenly!

Julia brought these breathtaking peonies

I didn’t know the guest list, so I was holding out a shred of hope that Hugh Laurie might knock on the door, but the next best thing to a House heartthrob has got to be Michael in his dapper James Bondesque jacket:

Michael and an admiring Birdie

Karen and Julia

Pamela, Soho and moi

The one, the only, CE!

PG, the ubiquitous Soho, and Dave

Beethoven thoughtfully dressed up for the occasion

The cooks and their muse: Ashleigh, Marie-Christine and Victoria

It’s much easier to age when you’re lucky enough to have such wonderful friends and family around. I think my college roommate, Anne, summed it up best with this card:

Inside it says: "You're no spring chicken, but you're still a tasty dish!"

"Can we move on now? May is SO over. Yawn!"

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Re-wind Pt 3 of 3: They say it’s your birthday!

  1. Katherine says:

    Wow – delicious food and great family and friends and pets – sure takes the sting out of turning 39 again. May I book my next birthday at your place?

  2. Chicken Emperor says:

    I was so very much enjoying re-experiencing your whole birthday celebration, picture by cleverly captioned picture, and then…….A wild beast, straight from the depths of Dante’s Inferno (which the Chicken Lady has read) brings the whole thing to a startling conclusion. But I did enjoy the journey in pictures almost as much as the real thing, and it was indeed a birthday journey. The Chicken Lady deserves a little attention once in awhile after all she does for the rest of us. And soon her ChickenWorld will be expanding as the four new chicklets (not Chiclets) roll in next week. Let the Games begin!!

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