Yes, there will be no Tarty Party

Poor Soho. For her, it’s just another day. Hey, at least she’s not stressing over a tax deadline, right?

"I don't do birthdays before noon"

As many Polloplayer readers know, we celebrate Soho’s birthday with an every-other-year party. On the alternate years, we make a donation to DAWG’s pit bull spay and neuter program. Yes, Miss Tart is a philanthropist. You expected less?

Soho as a puppy, with Dizzy and Cody

There has been some confusion over exactly how old Soho is, and like any woman of a certain age, she is not talking. My records show she was born April 15, 2004, which makes her, in dog years, yikes, 49! I guess we need to start treating her with a bit more respect.

"Still waiting for my first birthday party..."

Before anyone calls the ASPCA and cries animal cruelty over a skipped birthday party, let me assure you that Soho will have a happy day. At least one walk, perhaps a car ride, and, most definitely, a birthday pizzle stick. And she did have a few celebrity sightings earlier in the week:

Soho and Chloe with two of their favorite "celebrities", Phyllis and Dave

Victoria, who has cooked for us for the past two years, is busy preparing for the MCAT test and has handed off the baton – or spatula, as it may be – to her sister Ashleigh, who just returned to town. Ashleigh just happens to be a professional pastry chef – poor us! Note to the CE: call the carpenter to widen the doorways…

Victoria and Ashleigh

We invited Dave and Karen, Granny, and Alexandra – just returned from a trip to South Korea – to join us for Ashleigh’s debut in our kitchen. Pot de creme all around! Yum!

Always the adventurer! Alexandra at the DMZ

It’s sunny and 70 degrees here today, although I see that those poor little eagles in Decorah, Iowa, have snow in their nest this morning. Hang in there, East Coasters! Spring is just around the corner!

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4 Responses to Yes, there will be no Tarty Party

  1. A says:

    Omg. I’ve been watching those poor cold birds!!!!! Raining an cold here. Am protesting life. HB, sohji!

  2. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday Soho!!!

    Are you sure you didn’t cancel the party after Karma showed up unaware that celebrating didn’t include kissing the cats?

  3. CE says:

    The Birthday Girl did have a nice day, what with a romp on More Mesa this morning and then a twilight walk tonight. She should sleep well tonight with her tummy full of pizzle sticks. Such abuse!

  4. jess says:

    Look at that little baby fluff-ball in the planter with Dizz and the Shoobear! Remember her looking like that when we pulled her out of the crate at LAX? Awwwww………

    Hope you all have had a great weekend, particularly the birthday girl! And I hope Ashleigh is settling in well!

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