I don’t know about you, but tsunami warnings send me scurrying to the sanctuary of a safer, virtual world. I spent much of yesterday parsing plays on Words With Friends rather than watching the news, which was (and seems to always be) grim.

Let's play! (image from google.com)

If you have an iphone or an ipad, head to the App store, download WWF (there’s a free version, but I recommend the HD version which will cost you a few well-spent bucks) and you can safely evade whatever angst the world is dealing out that day by challenging friends or random opponents.

If you prefer not to take a bite of the Apple products, there is another very satisfying app I can recommend for your PC. Most of you probably have it, but I’m always surprised by how many people have not yet availed themselves of Pandora Radio, which is just about the most awesome music app out there.

image from uberphones.com

I can’t say I understand what the Music Geonome Project is, but Pandora does, and through their largesse, you can stream a personally-tailored radio station, featuring your favorite musicians or genres, ABSOLUTELY FREE, on your computer or smart phone. If you haven’t already, go to www.pandora.com and get started. If you like it as much as I think you will, you’ll happily shell out the $35 for an annual subscription upgrade that gives you commercial-free music.

If you’re a window shopper, I have a couple of web suggestions for you. 1stdibs.com, which you may have heard of, and svpply.com, which you may not yet know about. 1stdibs is a glorious home decorating, fashion and jewlry storefront filled to the brim with “the most beautiful things on earth” as their tagline claims.

Svpply.com is a more hipsterish and eclectic ride through the material world of cyperspace. As their home page explains, “Svpply is a new kind of store, built especially for you”. Easier to experience than explain – check out the site.

I typed in "chickens" on svpply.com and this item for sale on Etsy popped up

Of course, it’s impossible to mention cyber-shopping without the inclusion of Etsy.com, but I’m assuming you’ve all already succumbed to that siren call of “buy, sell and live handmade” commerce. If not, crank up your favorite Pandora station and and head over to Etsy for a spell.

Only on Etsy.com will you find a Needle Felted Roast Chicken

If you’re specifically interested in art and the John Singer Sargents on 1stDibs are out of your price range, an alternative is ugallery.com, “a virtual gallery that connects promising young artists with people looking to buy original, reasonably priced artwork”.

For $800 you can have this acrylic chicken painting by Michael Van, featured on Ugallery.com

A brand new online entry that hits a bit closer to home is Ang’s new business website, “Style by Angela” She’s just debuted her site, replete with a peppy fashion blog. Check it out and guess what her favorite color might be at http://stylebyangelanyc.com/?page_id=4.

If you’re too bogged down by Saturday chores to follow through with any of the above, do not despair, I have something Webbish for you, too. Check out www.chorewars.com, where your virtual characters claim “experience points” for doing household chores. It looks like fun!

image from tuptdown.wordpress.com

Happy weekend, virtual or otherwise!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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  1. Katherine says:

    I’m really hoping for all our sakes, that Dan doesn’t track my new spending habits to this blog entry…

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