RX: Stay Busy

Very glad we were in NYC when the news of my father’s death arrived. Taylor was coming up for the weekend and the three other kids plus grandkids are here, so we’ve been blessed with companionship/solace/distraction. Given the circumstances, it’s been a good week.

Tina and family came in from Connecticut last Sunday for brunch and a dip in our building’s pool.

Ev and Viv dance on the fountain at Lincoln Center (for about 3 seconds until several of NY's finest swooped down and busted them!)

Swimming with Grandpa has become a tradition during our visits:

Viv and Grandpa

Family fun!

When Taylor visits, our agenda turns to food. He’s almost 6’5″ and has the metabolism of a hummingbird. We walked over to our fave nabe place, Cafe Fiorello, for a bite of lasagna:

That's a SINGLE order, folks. And yes, he ate every bite.

The CE was hoping for snow, a wish he shared with every New Yorker he encountered, risking great bodily harm in the process. It’s been a long winter here. His prayers were answered with a fresh few inches of the white stuff early in the week:

We awoke to this lovely sight.

Not as much fun when you're standing there FREEZING, is it, CE?

In an effort to be “real” New Yorkers, we did not let the snow slow us down. We headed over to the UES to see the just-opened Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt. Not to be missed next time you’re in the city. The exhibit runs through June 5, and the museum itself – Andrew Carnegie’s former home – is a jewel.

A must-see!

The CE’s Christmas gift from me was a night at the opera, specifically, La Boheme at the Met. It was a lovely evening.

The CE at Lincoln Center

Since I recently finished a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, I had on my to-do list for this visit a trip downtown to find his birthplace.  It’s right there at 28 E. 20th Street, complete with a guided tour of the house conducted on the hour.

This is where Theodore Roosevelt spent the first years of his life.

As always, we spent time with Ang, Bob, the boys and Tiny, who, unfortunately, had a bit of a scrape with another dog this week. Poor baby has seven stitches in his ear:


James and Bobby having a laugh at Carmine's

Yesterday we enjoyed what has become a tradition with each of our visits to the city. Tina came into the city and Ang and Karen dashed over to join us for a child-free champagne respite.

Bless the babysitters! Yay!

What happens after glass #2 of champagne...

Daniel has been camera-shy this visit, but we’re meeting him for dinner tonight and I’ll try to get a few snaps to add to this post. Tomorrow we fly to Chicago and drive to Indiana. My father’s funeral service will be held Tuesday morning. Thanks to everyone for all the thoughtful encouragement this past week.

As promised, we went back to St. Patrick's Cathedral and lit another candle for my dad.

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3 Responses to RX: Stay Busy

  1. Ang says:

    Thanks for a great visit! We are so blessed to be able to spend as much time together as we do.
    However, next time I decide to WEAR your art, feel free to tell me NO.

  2. Grandpa/CE/Husband/Son says:

    We have indeed had a great visit, seeing lots of family while here but also enjoying the offerings of this great city. It is hard to leave, but Granny and the animals beckon fondly so we will also be very happy to arrive home. Of course the stop in Indiana will be a milestone event in that it will reveal a large vacuum where Marilyn’s father once stood. He was a larger than life figure in Elkhart and it felt very proper to honor his life with a candle lighting at St. Patrick’ cathedral. I have heard from other blog readers who share my view that the Chicken Lady’s previous blog about her father’s passing was her finest work. Remember readers, this is no accident. Pre-chicken and pre-Momming your bloggist was a professional writer, and a very, very good one at that. Warning: Do NOT attempt scrabble with the Chicken Lady.

  3. Katherine says:

    I know by now you’ve flown the co-op, but I’m so glad that it looks as though you had some wonderful times that were able to ameliorate the sadness.

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