January update

No post-holiday slump in this New Year! Biggest news is a very special Hawaiian wedding for our dear friends Dave and Karen:


We are so happy for them!

We’ve also had fun visits from both sets of East coast grandkids:

The CE loves his grandpa moments: with Ev and Tina at brunch

John and Viv

A purposeful Viv taking a post-brunch stroll

Fun at the beach

Thomas came all the way from NYC for PJG's sweet rolls!

City boys in the chicken yard

"Yes, boys, in California, everyone lets chickens walk around in the kitchen"

James and Bobby in the orchard

Making juice from oranges straight off the tree - that's one thing you can't do in NYC!

Can’t wait to see what February brings!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to January update

  1. Duke' says:

    We certainly did enjoy wonderful times with all four of the East coast grandkids; and with their parents for that matter. What fun to see the girls at the Four Seasons brunch and then go to the beach after. However, after looking at the photos I was unaware that Viv was running to audtion for West Side Story (see photo in jeans). And the Big City Boys were right at home with the chickens, although I was caught off guard by TS’s question about whether Autumn or Hope might be featured as Yankee McNuggets at the next home game.

    All in all, a very fun visit for all; and SB was showing its finest winter weather the whole time.

  2. tdevir says:

    We had a great time seeing you at brunch. Thank you for coming and hanging with us at the beach afterward- what a beautiful day it was!
    We are really looking forward to your next NYC visit although we hope you fly in on a day there ISN’T a massive snow storm…. hard to do these days!

    btw- what is a Yankee McNugget??

  3. Ang says:

    Stirring up nice warm memories for us here on the BEYOND COLD East Coast…
    Thanks for the short, yet special visit. See you in Feb. XO

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