Das Boot and Das Molt

Expect the unexpected. After seven weeks, the hard cast finally came off and the CE is now sporting the latest in Robo-Cop fashion.

Pain and swelling included!

As pleased as he was to be freed from the confines of the cast, he wasn’t too happy the next day when his foot swelled up like a balloon. Just part of the healing process, he was told. He is now walking without crutches, but not very far. Someone told him that at the four-month post-surgery mark he can expect things to be just about where they were pre-surgery – this is a long and S-L-O-W recovery!

"Maybe your next book should be 'Chicken Soup for the Foot'"

Soaking the dogs with the dog

Hope is having to make some adjustments this week, as well – she is in full molt! I opened the door to the pen one morning and there were feathers EVERYWHERE! The fall molt is an annual rite for chickens and can last anywhere from two to eight weeks. Autumn has apparently not gotten the memo yet – she’s as feathered as ever. But poor Hope is walking around with her last remaining tail feather pointed askew and bare patches on her neck and breast.

She's horrified!

But it could be so much worse: here are some photos of molting chickens posted on BackyardChickens.com




Some folks say that an intense molt signals an especially cold winter. The naked chicken above must mean sub-Arctic temperatures are on the way!

This is marathon weekend for Victoria and Angie – Victoria just finished her first half-marathon this morning, and Angie runs the New York Marathon tomorrow. Congrats and good luck!

Looking good!

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4 Responses to Das Boot and Das Molt

  1. El Gimpo says:

    I think everything will work out fine as long as the two runners (Victoia and Angie) don’t look TOO much like the molting chickens as they cross the finish line. You Go Girls! And that includes the runners, the Chicken Lady, the dogs by the pool; but apparently not, at the present time anyway, the chickens.

  2. Katherine says:

    Is Victoria running a half-marathon or just running away from molting Hope and the frustrated CE? (Either way I’m impressed. And “way to go Angie” – I’m impressed and I don’t even know you!)

  3. Mike Maloney says:

    CE; Do we now have a “Big Foot “sighting in the Santa Barbara area? Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. tina says:

    Congrats on Dad being able to shower!! That is big. Glad he is able to read as well,

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