Cast and Characters

The patient is resting comfortably – more or less. There have been a few tough days, but all in all he is doing well, is in great spirits and has been very, very brave.

Lest you think he is suffering too greatly, please note that whatever his burdens, starvation is not among them.

Three squares a day, always cheerfully delivered

Victoria got up early on a Saturday to make a royal breakfast for the CE!

The temporary quarters in the poolhouse are working quite well – no pesky stairs, and it’s just a short sprint with the walker to sit by the pool for a scenery change .

Sometimes there are visitors by the pool

Dave stopped by to check on the patient yesterday

The CE’s loss became our art project:

PJG was first to sign the cast

And Victoria got quite creative with it

Vernon and Chloe represent!

Don't forget the cats!

After fifteen plus years of hissing, spitting, scratching, yowling and avoiding all human contact, Rosie has turned over a new leaf and appointed herself Royal Gimp Guardian. She lays next to the CE nearly 24/7, allowing herself to be petted and purring non-stop. Go figure.

Our new best friend

The other animals are a bit perplexed, but they’re adjusting to the new routine. Victoria has been taking the dogs to the beach a lot, so Chloe and Soho are in no hurry for the CE to recover.

Where's that guy who usually hands out cereal at the kitchen door?

Chloe guards the poolhouse

Speaking of recovery, the first post-op appointment was last Thursday. It was a tough ride in the car – eighty miles each way, and very difficult, painful work for the CE to walker himself from the parking lot to the doctor’s office and back. Then there was the really hard part – they sawed off our beautifully decorated cast and examined the incision. The CE said he knew it was bad when they exposed the foot and the surgeon asked for the curtain to be drawn.  Not, most definitely, not pretty.

He will return for another appointment next week. In the meantime, they sacrificed our artwork for a snappy purple cast that blessedly weighs only about half as much as the previous one.

First you choose your color

Then they build the cast while you try not to pass out

And then, voila - new cast!

It has been a very, very busy week so I apologize for all the unanswered emails and unreturned phone calls. We’re hoping things will get easier as we go along and that life will return to something approaching normal. The way I see it, the harder I work at getting him well, the sooner he will look like this again:

The CE and his brother, the Siesta Keyster, in younger days

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to Cast and Characters

  1. citymama says:

    Nothing fun about the situation, that seems to be apparent. Although, the picking out of the colored cast kind of sounded fun. Ish? Sorta?
    Hang tough so soon you can hang ten. Or a few, at least. We love you!

  2. El Duque' Grande' says:

    The Chicken Lady has done a great job of representing what is going on here. She only fails to mention that she is working herself down to the nub trying to keep up with all of my outrageous requests. Anyone who might volunteer to pull her out of here now and again for something fun would be appreciated.

    Dogs are confused and are starting to size up that I am worthless to them for unknown reasons, but being dogs, the loyalty remains. Cats not a problem as they do not experience loyalty other to whomever is popping the Fancy Feast cans. Have not seen the chickens in more than a week but do hear them about.

    In all, we are doing well although I am not used to being such a burden and cannot really recommend it. But that is how it is for the moment, so….. another latte please, 1% milk, half decaf, etc……..

  3. Katherine says:

    I think that Rosie is confused and thinks that the expression “let he who is without sin, cast the first toes”… so she’s kissing up to the CE.

    Just be grateful that the other animals are paying any attention at all. When Dan had his hip surgery, he became a non-entity to Karma. Karma couldn’t believe I was actually wasting food on that “good-for-nothing-lump-on-the-sofa.”

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