Aloha, Maui…

A great vacation comes to an end. Things we will remember:  going for ice cream with the four little ones after dinner. When Grandpa flashes the “special signal” (something between a referee’s technical call and an East LA gang sign) the kids know it’s time to line up for a trip over to Whaler’s Village for Haagen Dazs!

"Who wants sprinkles on their ice cream?"

"I want a double - no, a triple - scoop!"

Serious work!

And, of course, there were all the wonderful hours by the pool, tanning, ordering mai tais, and setting water slide speed records. John may have turned water sliding into the next Olympic event.

View of the pool area from our balcony

That tiny dot hugging the right side of the slide is John

Jamesy and Grandpa work on their tans

Happy after 75 trips down the Keiki water slide

However, the award for the most heroic feat of the trip goes to Daniel. It wasn’t just that he (along with John and Bobby) scampered up the craggy face of  Ka’anapali Beach’s Black Rock and leaped the twenty-some feet into the Pacific ocean below. No, that was just for starters. The stuff of legend began after John’s jump, when he realized that the force of hitting the water had pulled off his wedding ring and sent it drifting to the ocean floor.

All those years of swim team work-outs paid off in the moment when Daniel borrowed a pair of dime-store goggles from an onlooker and dived down fifteen feet in the swirling water. No one believed he would manage to find a needle in that watery haystack, but he somehow, miraculously, managed to come up holding the ring aloft. Our hero!

That's Daniel in mid-jump off Black Rock

"I don't care how famous you are, I want my Mommy!"

The rest of the trip was less eventful, but all of it was fun. We’re very sorry to say Aloha to Maui…

We loved going to our favorite restaurant

Tina at the Hula Grill

Bobby and James

Daniel and his friend, Tiffany



Tina, John and girls

Our friend, Keoki. We've visited him at the Westin Maui many times - we think he remembers us since he always asks for neck rubs!

Watching a hula show

Bobby and Ang

Yum! Hula Pie!

Morning view from our room

The CE took this photo of our last Maui sunset. We'll be back!


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2 Responses to Aloha, Maui…

  1. pollo amigo says:

    Yah! Daniel! Next stop Acapulco?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing Keoki at the Westin. He remembers me. Every time he sees me he says, “Aloha Tori”. I said, “What’s your name?” He said, “Keoki”. I said hi and he said hi back. My sister’s boyfriend said hi and he said, “Bye-Bye!”

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