Oh Appy Day, Dinner Al Frigid and a Cutting Remark.

Thursday was prolotherapy day, so I’m laying low for a bit to recover, but, thanks to my new ipad, I am appily entertained for the duration. I now refer to the addictive Scrabble app as Words with Frenemies —  it’s just a bit difficult to call anyone who drops a 62-point word on me as my friend. Yes, Jessica and Tara, I’m talking about you! My prolotherapy doc was telling me about someone who managed to use all seven letters on a triple word score to form a 250-point word. I’m sure my “friends” are just waiting for their chance!

Here's what a virtual "Words with Friends" board looks like

At any given time, I have about eight of these Words with Friends games in play, in the hope that playing more will improve my skills. So far it hasn’t happened. My proudest moment thus far was only an 8 pointer, but somehow it was good for the soul to lay out the virtual tiles to spell wapiti. It’s great fun and I’m always looking for a new game, so if you have the app and would like to play, my WWF username is Querty789 –  send me an invite!

Of course, apps lead to apps, and I’ve discovered a couple of other fun ways to fritter away hour after hour. My current faves are Doodle Jump and Little Things.

You literally tip the screen to advance the Doodle upwards - if you miss a rung, your Doodle plummets to the ground.

Doodle Jump is satisfying for the sound effects alone. Every successful Doodle step is accompanied by a pop that’s like a cross between the sound of a water drop and that satisfying sound you get when you squish bubble wrap. Heaven!

Little Things: for masochists only!

Little Things is aptly titled. The screen is filled with hundreds of tiny objects and you are given the task of finding, say, a fork, a boot, a ping-pong paddle, a maple leaf, a coat hanger, a domino, a shark and a hockey stick. Faster is better, and as you progress through the screens, you are rewarded with the misery of the occasional “speed stage”, where you have a minute and a half to find a series of teeny tiny objects hidden in the jumble. It’s actually soothing, in a sick sort of way…

Of course, real life always trumps the virtual, especially when spaghetti carbonara is involved. When word got around that Victoria was planning yet another tour de force dinner, our guest list expanded along with our waistlines. The temperature never made it into the 70’s but at least the sun was out – briefly – so we piled on the sweaters and jackets and ate outside.

St. Bernadette offered to walk the dogs before dinner. They adore her!

The crowd gathers

Alexandra brought her friend, Garren. They've known each other since kindergarten!

Victoria and Karen

Awwww, Chloe!

Shivering, but happy

Bernadette doesn't even eat dessert, but who wouldn't smile at a trifle this size!

Lastly, we have a slice-and-dice date for the CE’s ankle surgery: the scalpel will be wielded on September 10. He will be in a full cast for a month and a walking cast for a second month or so. It will be an adventure…

It could always be worse, right?

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to Oh Appy Day, Dinner Al Frigid and a Cutting Remark.

  1. El Grande Emperor de Pollo las Gimpas says:

    I have more common sense than to challenge a clever, ex-professional writer English major wife to a scrabble game. Especially when the stakes are defined in terms of jewelry. But there is huge appreciation on my part for someone who forsakes game scoring to lay “wapiti” on the board……

  2. citymama says:

    So, can you define full cast? Is that past the knee?
    Trifle is huge. Did you guys finish it?
    Dying for an Ipad, although the multitude of ways to piddle one’s day away is a tad frightening. And alluring…

  3. citymama says:

    PS. Just googled WAPITI. Thanks for making me feel like a nincompoop.

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