26.2 for Grandpa

Because Angie doesn’t have quite enough to do between her roles as wife, mother to two active little boys and fashion biz entrepreneur, she’s decided to take on the New York Marathon this fall. She’s had her eye on the race for years, but it is notoriously difficult to get a spot in the fabled race that annually attracts 100,000 applicants. There are three ways to get in: have lightning fast race credentials that guarantee your spot; get lucky in the race lottery, or run for one of the many organizations that offer spots to those willing to raise money for charity with each mile they run.

One organization in particular stood out for Angie: the New York City chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Her grandfather, Lyle, (father to the CE and husband to Granny) was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. Devoted to his family, Lyle was one of those guys who always looked ten years younger than his age, and it was devastating to see him robbed of his vitality, his memory and his life by the ravages of the disease. An avid tennis player, a polished sales professional and a gentle man with a terrific sense of humor, Lyle is much missed by his family. He would have turned 90 this July.  Go Ang – make Grandpa proud!

This collage is from Angie's personal page on the NYC Alzheimer's Assn web site. That's Lyle on the left, holding the CE.

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1 Response to 26.2 for Grandpa

  1. Ang says:

    Thanks for the plug, Pollo. I am looking forward to it. Nothing like hitting all 5 boroughs on foot.
    Here is my link should anyone wish to check it out.


    THANKS!!!!! XO

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