NYC: “A Place Apart”

The quote is from Pearl Buck. (Look her up youngsters…)

She said “As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world.” True dat.

This was one of our best trips yet, with lots of opportunities to explore our new neighborhood and plenty of face time with family members. Highlights included: thin crust pizza and sangria at our neighborhood Italian restaurant; having Daniel stay with us at our apartment;  take-out Thai at Angie’s apartment with Thomas and Jamesy in overdrive;

"We don't understand why Mommy gets so tired"

discovering Our Redeemer services two blocks from our apartment and enjoying incredible classical chamber music performances both times we went; Turkish food on 46th Street with Bobby and then walking back to the apartment on a warm summer night;

exercise class

fun with a new toy

a day in Darien with Tina, Evie and Vivie, then dinner with them and John on the veranda of their country club;  lots of walks through Central Park, including our discovery of The Ramble; brunch at the Central Park Boathouse with Taylor and Victoria and then a visit to the Met; dinner with the boys, Victoria and Easton at Nobu 57; and last but by no means least, mornings perched on our windowseat with the New York Times, the Post and our beloved view of the park.

Daniel, Victoria and Taylor

Central Park

At the Met

Taylor and Easton

Daniel and Victoria at Nobu 57

Taylor and Victoria had fun at the Central Park Zoo, and Daniel (with a raging fever and strep throat – but hey, the show must go on) attended the event of the season: the Lady GaGa concert at Madison Square Garden

Snow Leopard at the Central Park Zoo

T and Victoria's friend, Adrienne, flippering out at Central Park Zoo


Sick, in every sense of the word...

Her Highness, the GaGa

The new material girl

Of course, it’s not all bad being home, either (the bread and water diet after eating our way through the city notwithstanding ) California has its own charms:

We missed Chloe!

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  1. Ang says:

    should i change my name to angie-ga-ga?

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