Animal Planet

Readers have come to my rescue in the absence of my camera (which was duly returned and is now charging up to record this weekend’s activities). From my father in Indiana, a link to a news story in that bastion of investigative journalism, The Elkhart Truth. You will remember an earlier post (“The Blur That Is Life”, March 20, 2010) about the meanies there issuing poultry eviction notices.

Karen Wellington on her Goshen, IN farm

In nearby Goshen, Indiana, however, calmer heads prevail, and chickens are not only welcome, but catching on in a big way. The Truth story details one Karen Wellington’s efforts to walk her talk after becoming convinced that she could not support mainstream agribusiness. Ms. Wellingon’s 10-acre farm has become a homesteading experiment for her family, and  this summer she has reached out to the community with a chicken “co-op” idea.  She provides the land and the day-old broiler chicks, while co-op members will rotate the chicken-tending duties for the eight weeks it takes to raise “meaties” as they are known, for slaughter. Come fall, there will be a lot of chicken dinners served in Goshen. You can see the full story at

Land o' Goshen chickens

On the other side of the chicken coin, friend Katherine sent a link to a Los Angeles Times story about tough times for chickens in Bishop, CA. The headline says it all: “Neighbor’s Chickens Ruffle Feathers in Bishop”. Clucking over the interpretation of the community’s poultry ordinances has set neighbor against neighbor in this small-town portal to the Sierra Nevada mountains. 81-year-old Clifford Crickette sprayed his neighbor with a garden hose when the neighbor “tattled” to the city council about Mr. Crickette’s chickens. (I can’t condone the methods, but it would have been fun to watch!)

Endangered in Bishop, CA

The issue has become so heated that the city council has bowed out of the fray and put up a ballot measure for November. Hope, Autumn and Amelia are keeping their scaly little toes crossed for the ballot’s passage. Here’s to Chicken Solidarity!

Lastly, in the truth-is-always-stranger-than-fiction department, Alexandra suggested a potential career opportunity for the CE: canine interview consultant!

Co-op boards can be notoriously capricious and demanding (which is why we purchased a condo – can you imagine us passing any kind of interview?) and now the boards of pet-friendly buildings are subjecting the pets themselves to scrutiny. In the NYC real estate blog, Brick Underground, dog trainer Elena Gretch offers up her strategies as a consultant to hopeful co-op dwellers and their dogs.

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the Big Apple

According to Gretch, it takes about six weeks and $800 to properly prepare the average puppy for co-op interview prime time. Something tells me it would be at least triple those numbers to clean up Chloe and Soho’s act – hard to teach an old dog new tricks, you know…(read the full story at

I will post more NYC trip pix soon – we’re too busy living the experience right now to report on it but I promise to get on it ASAP!

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2 Responses to Animal Planet

  1. Ang says:

    That Golden is trying to steal Tiny’s thunder; however, imho a tuxedo always wins…

  2. pollo amigo says:

    Sound like a moonlighting job for the CE. That and getting rid of unwanted house ghosts.

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