A certain someone (who shares my DNA and whose name rhymes with spaniel…) has swiped my camera so I can’t do an update on our swell and sweltering NYC visit, but thanks to faithful Polloplayer readers there are still a few things to share.

photo from a chicken swap in New Tripoli, PA (by Naomi Harris for TIME)

Emily (see “Artist Chick” post from May 22) alerted me to a Time magazine feature on chicken swaps. I couldn’t find a copy of the magazine, but there is a photo essay on the subject which you can see at,29307,2000491,00.html, and a related video entitled Pet, Eggs or Meat: Buying Birds at the Chicken Swap at,32068,106518074001_2001667,00.html

Chicken swaps, also known as Chickenstocks, are popular events for poultry enthusiasts. I harbor a not-so-secret longing to attend one, as they are an excellent way to acquire breeder quality birds, which tend to be a cut above hatchery stock. has an index of chickenstocks at

Chicken "meet-ups" are held all over the country; if you attend one in Atlanta you can meet the Chicken Whisperer

Chickens also made the news in today’s Wall Street Journal with an article entitled “Fowl Fans See Golden Eggs in Catering to Pet-Chicken Market”. The pet-accessorizing trend has spread to poultry and it certainly can’t be long before you see Hope, Autumn and Amelia clad in the latest Jean Paul Poultryer ensemble.

from the Wall Street Journal, chickens in Independence Day garb

I also got some adorable pictures recently from Julia (whose first wedding anniversary is coming up in August!) of a young friend of hers experiencing chicken love:

This photo is worth at least 2,000 words!

And another photo from Alexandra, reassuring us that our girls are doing just fine in our absence:

I don't think they even miss us!

As much as we are enjoying life in the big city, we are starting to long for the zoo back in SoCal. I had a moment of missing Soho and Chloe this morning when I walked up Central Park West and saw this group of New Yorkers. Notice how the little guy is actually using a friend as a pillow!

Dog days in the city

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4 Responses to McNuggets

  1. Ang says:

    That dog photo is my favorite thing ever. Sorry, and the chickens are 2nd runner up.

  2. El Duque' Grande' says:

    Yes, it has been a great time in the City, with a few more days to go. But it will also be good to put in some quality coop time when we get back. And now I believe we will be seeing items on our Visa bill with titles such as,

    “Hen’s cashmere sweater, periwinkle, size M (or in Amelia’s case, L)”

    “Pullet footwear, 3″ heels, beaded and inscribed, size 7, dyed to match scales”

    “Adorable beret, raspberry, slot for comb”

  3. alexandra says:

    aw…ALL the animals miss you. The chickens just happened to be the only ones willing to pose for a pic! It might have had something to do with the treats I was holding.

  4. pollo amigo says:

    If only I could sew…

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