Addendum 46514

Mac/Wordpress/cyberspace gremlins were out in full yesterday, causing the end of my last post to be deleted. So we save the best for last – our visit to the heartland wrapped up with everyone pitching in to make dinner on our last evening:

Makenzie and Amy did prep work

The CE comandeered the fridge (you know he has to be in charge of something at all times!)

Lois made hen-shaped cookies (wherever I go, chickens seem to follow)

The table was set

Amy sampled the spectacular shortcake made by Makenzie

And Maisie sat pretty

Next day, we headed back to the Chicago airport, driving through a bombastic thunderstorm – the kind that convinces you are honestly going to be fried to a crisp with the next bolt of lightning. Then sat more or less patiently in the airport for two, three, four, five hours while our flight was delayed, delayed, delayed. And then – canceled. Of course. Remember, we’re in the Midwest.

We were stranded. Without our luggage. And a customer service line that was almost two blocks long. We opted to grab a cab and go to the nearest airport hotel. At least we got free toothbrushes…

Oh well. It was all worth it. Good times, good food, and we got to make friends with a great dog. It took Maisie a few days to warm up to us, but after a few bites of chicken were surreptitiously dropped under the dinner table, she decided we were worthy. We hope to see her and her family again soon!

Maisie and the CE

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to Addendum 46514

  1. Makenzie says:

    Awwwwe doesn’t maisy look cute?! Also thank you Steve for not saying that I loved Justin Bieber on the internet, because if you did that would be lying.

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