Just Passing Through.

I took a brief break from my pity party over the weekend to entertain house guests. Hundreds of years ago in another life, I actually held down a job, and that’s where I met my friend, Kathi. We are fellow alums of a small ad agency that spawned far more in the way of  stories about shocking staff behavior (not ours!) than it did in good advertising. The agency no longer exists, but the stories live on, and it’s fun to get together and tell the one about “remember the time the agency president was so drunk he threw up in the middle of his speech at the Christmas party?” Ah, the good old days…

Jim and Birdie

Kathi and her artist bf, Jim, live in Chicago very close to Wrigley Field. (Go Cubbies! ) They were passing through on their way from a plein air festival in northern CA to the Ojai Wine Festival coming up this weekend, where Jim will be a featured artist. They spent the night and befriended Birdie, who is hoping Jim will someday paint his portrait.

No lemon trees growing in Chicago, so this was fun

Bird on a wire: Hope shows off, trying to divert attention from Birdie

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1 Response to Just Passing Through.

  1. Chicken Emperor says:

    Looks like Hope is also just passing through…..

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