Quality time.

He wasn’t here for very long, but it was oh so nice to have Daniel at home! He headed back to the city today to move into his dorm for summer school, where he will be learning Greek (not the oops-our-country-is-broke contemporary language, but the ancient Greek of Homer and Herodotus.) Hey, why major in Poli Sci or Econ when you can do something REALLY easy like Classics, right? Our sympathies are with you, dear Booookie…

We celebrated his 20th birthday a few weeks early with the traditional family spaghetti dinner. Big gift this year: two tix to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour concert at Madison Square Garden (thanks, Bobby, for helping out with the broker!) I was hoping he would ask me to be his date, but no such luck. Best gift: Granny bestowed upon Daniel the Steiff bear I gave her as a thank-you gift twenty years ago when she came to help out after Daniel was born. What a special present!

How can my baby be 20?

Granny returned from her trip to Florida in time to join us for spaghetti

As usual, Victoria had to share her seat with Dizzy

Daniel and Dad

Daniel, Granny and the bear

There's still time to invite me, Daniel!

Worth coming all the way home just to wear a Shoo Shoo Shooby Doo

Do not try this at home!

He got in a wee bit of piano time

Headed back to the city

We'll miss you, Daniel!

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2 Responses to Quality time.

  1. Chicken Emperor says:

    It was indeed too short of a visit, but it was great to see Daniel be able to relax for a few days before returning to school.

    See you back in the City Daniel!


  2. A says:

    It is not acceptable for him to be better looking than me.

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