The Second Sunday in May.

Enjoyed a very fine Mother’s Day this year. Nearly all the family gathered (we missed you, Tay Tay!) for a genteel and civilized breakfast (what, you don’t think it’s normal for four-year-olds to turn cartwheels in restaurants?) at New York’s Mandarin Oriental hotel. Our young friend, Roseanne, joined us for Mother’s Day by proxy since she couldn’t be at home with mom Bonnie, and we enjoyed meeting Roseanne’s friend, Rosie.

After breakfast, the little ones went for a dip in our apartment building’s pool, courtesy of Grandpa.

Tina with Evie and Vivie in their matching dresses.

Angie and Daniel

Rosie and Roseanne

This smile was captured before he saw the bill

John and Viv

Angie gets a special card from Thomas

Grandpa and Jamesy



Swimming with Grandpa

It was so special to get “surrogate mom” well wishes from so many of the young women in our family’s life, too! Thanks, everyone!

LOVE the flowers, Alexandra! Thank you!

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3 Responses to The Second Sunday in May.

  1. A says:

    I think they are STILL vacuuming up the goodies my kids left behind….

  2. Grandpa G says:

    Chicken Lady has accurately captured the wonderful time we had on Mother’s Day in NYC. You might not be surprised to learn that the proceedings were not necessarily orderly. However, it seemed like everyone, young and old, enjoyed themselves. Of course, we were all grateful for the seeing each of the 3 wonderful moms in action; each in their own way. It was a truly special event for me!

  3. tdevir says:

    Love these pics Marilyn! What a fun Mother’s day that was…. and thank you again for those adorable matching dresses for Ev & Viv! Can’t wait until you guys come back to NYC…. xoxo

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