A little fright music.

Beautiful AND brainy blog buddy Katherine correctly deduced our last post location: the amazing New York City Botanical Garden. We happened to be there for the opening day of the exquisite”Emily Dickinson: The Poetry of Flowers” exhibit. Katherine’s astute answer wins her some freshly-laid eggs, of course.

The exhibit includes a replica facade of the house Emily Dickinson lived in for nearly all her 55 years.

Here’s a new question: quick, and without consulting your Google Maps app, which six states did we travel through yesterday on the train from NYC to WDC?

It’s a soggy day in WDC, but hopefully a less eventful locale than Times Square last Saturday evening. We had dinner there seeing a play on 48th Street that night – a mere half-block from the bomb scare perimeter and mercifully unaware that “A Little Night Music” might have been our final act. Catherine Zeta-Jones was good, Angela Lansbury was great, and we are now  big fans of leading man Alexander Hanson and, especially, young talent Leigh-Anne Larkin. See her web page at http://www.leighannlarkin.com/

Alexander Hanson and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Leigh Ann Larkin

This latest terrorist attempt leads me to wonder, yet again, why oh why do our esteemed TSA employees insist on patting me down every time I go through security instead of focusing their attention on Taliban terrorists? If anyone can answer THAT question, they win fresh eggs for a lifetime…

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4 Responses to A little fright music.

  1. Katherine says:

    SIX states?!?! I think mapquest gave you bad directions…

  2. citymama says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm- can I just google it?

  3. pollo amigo says:

    I count 5 states.. NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD. VA?

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