Mr. T Goes to Washington

Dateline DC: we’re here on the amazing chase of getting Taylor moved into his new apartment and ready to start work Monday morning. Lots of fun and lots of work.

New apartment building!

Everything is clean and bright with lots of light!

Staffed lobby, which is great, and everyone is so friendly and helpful

Not exactly a tourist trip, though, unless your version of sightseeing includes endless trips to Target, Macy’s and Best Buy. The CE and I agreed that Day 1 here may have been the single most tiring experience we can remember. We met Taylor at his new place and unpacked some boxes. First priority was to find a bed, so off we went to the mattress store. Then to Macy’s for linens and dishes, etc.

Trying out beds

Same-day delivery!

Then back to the apartment for bed delivery. Then off to pick up a dining table he found on Craigslist. Then to Best Buy (T’s idea of the perfect bachelor pad: weight set and a 50″ flat screen tv – Architectural Digest will probably not be calling anytime soon…), then to pick up said weight set also found on Craig’s List, then BACK to Best Buy, Ace Hardware and the Container Store.

Lots of fun to move these...

Check your receipts! Taylor discovered a $350 overcharge!

On trash detail

A note about the WDC area: while the metro population exceeds 5 million, they apparently have only a half dozen parking spaces to go around. And those are metered: 25 cents gets you four minutes. Quite a challenge when you’re hauling furniture around. And prepare to get lost: neither Google maps nor old-fashioned folding maps could help us navigate the snarl of angled lettered, numbered and state-named streets, although kudos goes to Taylor’s Droid phone with built-in GPS.

Tired and hungry after a long, long day

We finally stopped for dinner at 10 pm that night at a little Indian restaurant on Connecticut Avenue. The proprietor was closing his doors, but took mercy on us and kept the restaurant open so we could eat. Whew! What a day!

It’s making me tired just to write this, so time to stop. We’re hoping to find our way (wish us luck!) over to the Tidal Basin to see some cherry blossoms before heading home to the chickens.

The blossoms will peak in a few weeks, but trees are starting to bloom all over the city - looks like spring has arrived!

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3 Responses to Mr. T Goes to Washington

  1. Katherine says:

    Wow! You all certainly accomplished a lot in DC in very little time. Perhaps you should take over the government while you’re there.

  2. CE says:

    +Although it was very tiring, we all feel good about the choices Taylor made regarding his apartment. It definitely feels like his home. Also glad we got a chance to see the cherry blossoms come out, they are spectacular.

  3. Jean Gutsche says:

    We are so thrilled for Taylor and hope to say hello next time we are up that way! My dream is to go to the big conservative rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th (our 28th anniversary) but not sure of the logistics with L and N at this point.

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