The blur that is life.

Did someone speed up the planet of late? What the hey is going on with not enough hours in the day? I am beginning to be grateful for my accelerating memory loss, as it helps me forget all that I am forgetting to do. This past week has been a busy one. How do we maintain a life AND manage keep up with slimebag Jesse James, slimebag Tiger Woods, healthcare, AND outlaw chickens in Elkhart, Indiana.

Home, sweet home

You’ve all heard of Elkhart, right? Our prez has made it the poster child of the recession via repeated visits. I’m guessing he doesn’t stick around to enjoy the great weather and burgeoning cultural opportunities. Let’s just say that the 18% unemployment rate is not the only thing wrong with the place – I know, because I lived there. And now, just to add salt to the wounds, Elkhart’s finest are rounding up chickens.

Chickens unlucky enough to live in Elkhart

My father, who, inexplicably, has found reasons to love Elkhart for the past 87 years, sent me an article from The Elkhart Truth detailing the chicken “arrests”. Police were apparently called due to “an aggressive rooster” and twenty chickens were taken to the Humane Society of Elkhart County. Let’s hope at least that it’s a no-kill shelter.

In happier news, last weekend was my annual lunch date with young friend Chadd, who recently turned eleven. Chadd has life pretty well figured out. He knows that he wants a dog (hint, hint!) that he has the world’s best mom, that he would like to go to M.I.T, play in the NBA and that he’s going to really miss his brother when Bryson heads off to college in the fall.

Chadd came over to visit the chickens

Then we went out for pizza - he saved the crust for his mom:-)

In other news, the CE kept busy this week by building playground equipment for the chickens. (Only in my world would a sentence like that make sense!)

Chloe oversaw the project

And the chickens came over to inspect the progress

Voila! A chicken jungle jim!

Most importantly, this past week was the long goodbye to Taylor, who is heading off to Washington, D.C. on Monday to start his professional life. Julia stopped by with cookies for him and to schmooze with the pets.

We miss Julia!

Alexandra stopped by, too.

And since T will be wearing a suit and tie to work every day, we spent one day this week updating his wardrobe:

"We love to shop!"

Is he really that handsome or do I just think so because I'm his mom?

In case you were wondering, he has a 32" waist!

We arrived home to find the animals running amok! Dodger was stalking the chickens:

Scary jungle cat!

Then Cody got into the act:

"Let me show you how it's done"

But then, suddenly,  the tables were turned:

No one told the chickens they're supposed to be afraid

Cody hightails it into the bushes, hoping no one sees him.

"I could have gotten them if I wanted to...I just didn't want to"

Last night, we made Taylor’s favorite spaghetti dinner for him. Jessica and Granny joined us. Victoria ate four meatballs! And Taylor loved his going-away gifts.

Luggage love

Victoria, Taylor and Jessica

"If you leave, I'm going with you!"

Dizzy doesn’t want him to leave. And neither do I.  But off he goes – good luck sweetie, and Godspeed…don’t forget to call your mother!

Remember when he looked like this?

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to The blur that is life.

  1. ANG says:



    (sound of life galloping by!!!!!)

    Congrats, PP, on raising such a great, trim- waist- having, son. JWD.

  2. Katherine says:

    Perhaps the Elkhard aggressive rooster was simply protesting that his digs did not include a jungle jim. Your chickens are far from aggressive (stalking of cats notwithstanding) so you’re obviously doing something (everything) right.

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