Update on the Chicken Revolution

"Che Chicken" from the http://www.chicken-revolution.com web site

You may remember that we’ve mentioned Barbara Palermo and her efforts to legalize backyard chickens in Salem, Oregon. Her web site, www.chicken-revolution.com was launched to help others in their efforts to change local ordinances. While it appears that  chickens remain outlaws in Salem, a recent article written by Ms. Palermo has been published in GRIT magazine. “Hatch a Revolution: You May Need to Change the Rules to Keep an Urban Flock” is the title of her article and I have a pdf file of the article that I can email to anyone interested in the subject.

To subscribe, go to http://www.grit.com

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to Update on the Chicken Revolution

  1. Katherine says:

    wow. Before this blog I had no idea there was a Grit magazine. All these years I’ve missed out on articles such as “Behold the Hoe!” and “Rinkindling the Tin Plate Thrill”. Stranger still: same publisher publishes Motorcycle Classics and Utne Reader.

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