Have Yourself a Chicken Little Christmas…

We were braced for it – fully expected an onslaught of poultry-themed presents, but had no idea that they would be so creative and useful!

Polla Amiga started the holiday season off by gifting us with this ornament, which has a year-round home in my office:

The Floridians totally strutted their chicken stuff with a bevy of hen-some presents:

A set of rooster mugs

This book truly is extraordinary!

Pretty wooden eggs

Santa brought this stapler for the CE so he can impress visitors to his office:

Okay, not your average chicken, but still worthy of mention:

Happy Chloe Christmas!

And these exceedingly cool stamps from Tina – hard to see in this photo but there’s a sheet for each of the girls and nice to have this memory of Lily:

These will come in handy for thank-you notes!

The chickens are mighty unhappy this morning because it’s raining. Fussing and carrying on and lecturing me about the weather. Too bad they can’t understand how nicely they were celebrated this holiday.

"To tell the truth, we were hoping for i-phones..."

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Have Yourself a Chicken Little Christmas…

  1. Katherine Gunther says:

    I’m so alarmed by the chicken on the cover of your new book. Extra-ordinary chickens, I should say! Looks like a cross between an “ordinary” chicken and Soho.

  2. Emp de Pollo says:

    Of all the poultry themed gifts, it was perhaps the chicken-sung Christmas carols CD that touched my heart. In particular, I did enjoy Autumn’s rendition of “Silent Night”, performed a cappella.

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