Four hens a-laying!

Lily laid her first egg! She settled into the nest in earnest this morning when Hope hopped up there to show her how it’s done.

No one uses the actual nesting box, but oh well...

It will be very hard to tell her eggs apart from from Hope’s and Amelia’s.

Lily's first egg

Hope's is on the left, Amelia's in the center, and Lily's on the right

Hope’s eggs tend to have tiny white flecks on them and Amelia’s are just slightly darker than the others, but in general, we will only know who has laid what if we are on hand to see it happen.

Autumn took the day off – she was too busy exploring. I’ve taken to leaving the hallway door open so the girls can free-range while I’m working in my office. That way I can more or less keep tabs on them. Typically, Autumn prefers to hang out with the humans, and she invariably wanders into my office to see how things are going. Today she was apparently waiting to have a fax delivered…

"I hope they got my order right - 200 lbs of scratch and a year's supply of mealworms"

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to Four hens a-laying!

  1. mlgcomm says:

    Love the snow! We don’t see too much of that down here!

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