New friends.

There’s something about chickens that bring people together, and no, I don’t mean over a platter at Sunday dinner. It’s a love of  chickens, live and bawkbawkbawking, or maybe just the hilarity and ridiculousness factor, that draws humans to them, and from my experience so far “chicken people” are about the nicest folks you’d want to know.

And what could be nicer than finding out that a neighbor loves chickens? I came home late yesterday afternoon to find these two darling girls, a neighbor and her friend, shivering in the yard as they waited for the “chicken lady” to come home. Apparently our young neighbor has been admiring the chickens from afar for quite awhile. How nice to have a partner in poultry crime who lives next door!

Another new friend has arrived via a more circuitous route. You may remember a post in July about artist Hope Sandrow, whose daily and creative life was changed when a stray Polish rooster followed her home from a walk. After reading a story about her in the New York Times, I got in touch with her and we’ve exchanged a few emails. You can view her work at She was recently featured again in the NYT Lens photojournalism blog (this is an amazing visual site:  and asked me to post my blog link in the comments section, where Sundy McClung, a prize-winning chickenkeeper from Holt, Missouri saw it and came to visit the Polloplayer site.

One of Hope Sandrow's portraits of her rooster, "Shinnecock"

Sundy has a web site at where you can view photos of her flock. A warning, however: once you see pictures of her adorable Silkie hens, you might become a fellow victim of chicken fever!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to New friends.

  1. Katherine Gunther says:

    I couldn’t help but note, as I clicked thru your crestedhorizon link that they wash their chickens in their tub. Just wondering when you’ll start doing that because we want to come watch.

  2. Sundy McClung says:

    We DO wash our chickens in the bath tub! Our chickens really do like the water, especially in the cooler months. I have a Polish rooster that loves to stick his waddles in the warm water. What is even funnier…they LOVE to be blow dried with a hair dryer. It is a must to bath and blow dry the chickens when we show them. It is similar to having to get a dog ready for a show. They must look their best or points will be deducted.
    Feel free to check my site out and ask questions.

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