We officially started bedecking the tree last night. Everyone pitched in first to create a yummy roast beef dinner – so perfect on such a wintry night! The CE did the roast, Victoria and Taylor were in charge of side dishes and salad, Bernadette presided over the mashed potatoes (this is Taylor’s domain, but he graciously ceded it for the evening), Granny made the gravy, and I made popovers, which Bernadette remembers as Yorkshire pudding from her childhood in northern England.

Very serious about their work!

We unpacked one box of ornaments, most of which Granny pronounced “ugly”, so apparently we are in the market for updating our tree decorations. Some people favor a designer tree with coordinated ornaments – I like those, too – but one of my very favorite things about Christmas is revisiting the ornaments we’ve collected over the past 30+ years.

Here's one Granny deemed "ugly" - she apparently forgot that she made it for us!

I still remember the night Steven gave this one to Angie when she was about 9 years old

Uncle Delbert made this one for us a longgggg time ago

I gave this one to Daniel when he was 3 - and still angelic:-)

Some are meaningful, and some are silly. I love them all. Bernadette said this one is what the girls’ eggs should look like after all the fuss we’ve made over them:

My "Faberge" egg

It was a fun evening!

Granny and Bernadette

Soho gets a smooch

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