An Egg-tastic Day!

Mystery solved! Came home this afternoon to find a second egg on the nesting counter – this one definitely from Hope, as her eggs are perceptibly lighter in color than Amelia’s. This means that Amelia, bless her feathered little feet, is figuring out how to lay in the right place.

Hope's egg is on the left, Amelia's on the right

I had cleaned up the coop this morning and was surprised to see the other countertop in complete disarray – pine shavings tossed and newspapers shredded – when I stepped closer to survey the mess, look what I found!

Autumn's first egg!

In addition to her carpentry skills, Autumn is, as of today,also a laying hen! And her egg is the most beautiful shade of pale greenish-blue! As you may remember, Autumn is nominally of the Ameraucana breed, which is a variant of the Chilean Araucana breed of chickens. But because she is hatchery stock rather than breeder stock, she is considered a “mutt” version of her breed, and thus falls into the broader category known as “Easter Egger” chickens. However, I don’t see how there’s much difference between Autumn and the real thing:

An "official" brown-red female Ameraucauna hen from the Ameraucauna Breeders Club web site

Autumn is just as pretty as the "real thing", right?

Easter Eggers carry the Ameraucauna gene for laying colored eggs. which can range anywhere from the palest green to light blue to deep olive green. Some people, however, report that their  “EE” chickens, as they are casually known,are “duds” and just lay light brown eggs like other breeds, so I am SO EXCITED that Autumn has shown us her “true colors”.
A commonly-asked question is whether an Easter Egger hen’s eggs will vary in color. The answer is no – she will always lay the same color of egg, so ALL of Autumn’s eggs will be this same beautiful color. Now if she can just decide to lay those gorgeous eggs on the right counter, she will be the most amazing multi-tasking hen we know!

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2 Responses to An Egg-tastic Day!

  1. Katherine Gunther says:

    WOW! I didn’t actually think it could get more exciting. (No offense Hope.) What a gorgeous egg.

  2. CE says:

    Now that Autumn is laying her beautiful green-blue eggs I suppose she will no longer be available as a carpenter’s helper. This is a shame as she had shown such special talents. Now what am I to do with her toolbelt which just showed up from Amazon (ordered from the Poultry Accessories section)? I suppose we can just strap it on Soho and move forward…..

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