Egg on my face.

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath for the update: yesterday I told you that Lily was sitting in the nesting spot Hope created, but I was wrong! A case of mistaken identity: it wasn’t Lily – it was Amelia! I’ve been so convinced that Amelia would be the last to lay an egg that I didn’t see what I saw. In my defense, without being able to see the feathery feet, it’s easy to confuse the two:



I’ve insisted all along that Autumn would be the next to lay, and I do think she’s getting ready. Her comb is so much bigger and redder, and she’s test-driving the nesting spot also:

Autumn's comb is different than the others. It's called a "pea comb"

I think she looks pretty serious about laying here.

But they all proved me wrong yesterday, and it’s a sobering thought to realize you’re not as smart as a chicken.

Chris, our carpenter, came to work on the bench he’s building, and there was a lot of hubbub in the chicken yard. Amelia came out of the coop after laying in the nesting spot for quite awhile, but without leaving a “gift” for us.  A false alarm.

The girls were free-ranging and were startled when Chris turned the power drill on – when I walked over to where they were standing, I saw an egg on the ground. It was still warm. How strange of Hope to lay an egg there, I thought, but we decided it was because the entrance to the coop was blocked in all the construction commotion.

Wrong again, because an hour later, Hope went back in the coop and laid an egg in her usual spot. I realized that the egg I’d found outside wasn’t Hope’s at all. It must have been Amelia’s.

Meanwhile, Autumn is apparently more interested in construction than egg-laying. After her brief visit to the nesting spot, she spent the rest of the morning “helping” the CE put up lights.

Autumn shadowed the CE all morning.

New lights to illuminate the path to the deck

Autumn is proud of her work!

Amelia spent another half hour in the nesting spot this morning, but again emerged without proof that she’s our new layer. Ah, the suspense!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Egg on my face.

  1. pollo amiga says:

    I can just picture Autumn in a little tool belt.

  2. CE says:

    Yes, Autumn does in fact own a tool belt. She also submitted her time sheet for construction labor and claims 4 hours of overtime on Saturday alone.

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