Back on Terra Farma, with a few surprises…

Love NYC, but it’s good to be back at the “farm” or “zoo” or whatever you call three acres filled with critters. Maybe we should just call it lunacy…

Whatever you call it, Dave survived it (again) in style. Not only did he cook a turkey, he found time to develop  a new talent: chicken portraiture. Yes, the walls of the coop are now lined with individual portraits of the girls:

Only Dave would think of this!

I’ve taken hundreds of photos of my chickens and they’ve never “posed” for me like that. No idea how he did it, but what a fun surprise to come home to!

There were also elves in the house while we were away! When we walked in last night, the Christmas decorations – and those of you who know us well know that means half a garage-worth of boxes- had magically been put up.

The entryway angel

Angels on high!

Lots of Santas

The CE was beyond thrilled!

Who were the elves? Julia and Grant, who were married at our house in August, spent their precious weekend decorating our house. How amazing is that?!

Surprises like these make us think we should leave more often…

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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4 Responses to Back on Terra Farma, with a few surprises…

  1. pollo amiga says:

    Not used to seeing photos of Casa Gutsche without dogs or cats…

  2. CE says:

    As Emperor of all Chickendom, I do hereby bestow knightship upon the Davis Elves; Julia and Grant. These positions come with all of the usual benefits, such as being allowed to cut in line at the DMV, so enjoy!

  3. Tymon says:

    The angels! Your house is amazing around Christmas!

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