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Another Morning in the Kingdom of Chickens.

Gorgeous, crisp, sunny November morning here. When I stepped into the Magic Kingdom, the usual sound of clucking “Where are our treats?!!?” was slightly muffled by the sound of water – our new fountain was delivered yesterday. Plenty of work … Continue reading

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“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

If only they could stay puppies forever. Nikki was my father’s constant companion and died too soon last week at age eleven. She was just a little thing, but the void left by her loss is a big one. We’re … Continue reading

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We Don’t Like Mondays Either.

They look a little crabby, don’t they?

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One Squat Closer?

I opened the coop door yesterday morning to discover that Hope was up on the nesting box counter all alone, tearing up everything in sight and complaining loudly. She seemed – well – hormonal, to say the least. I closed … Continue reading

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More Improvements.

Lots going on in the Chicken Kingdom these days. The deck is being sealed, and we’ve installed some gravel walkways. Of course, the animals think all this is about them.

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Re-wind to Yesterday.

Now that we’re retired and empty nesting, the days tend to blur a bit. This is mostly a good thing, but does occasionally make me feel like the village idiot. Yesterday was Veterans Day, a day of which I was mostly aware … Continue reading

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It Just Gets Better and Better…

This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands…

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It Was A Very Good Year.

It was in July of 1946 that the bikini was introduced. In August, the NBA was formed. Ayn Rand began writing Atlas Shrugged in September. In October, Nazi leaders were sentenced at Nuremberg, and, of course, WWII hostilities were officially … Continue reading

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Readers Know Best.

I take back every mean thing I said yesterday about crows. Watch this video that Katherine recommended – a true story about a crow that “adopted” a kitten: Unbelievable! More information about the unusual crow/kitten bond can be found … Continue reading

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“Once Upon A Midnight Dreary…”

I have lately been perfecting the art of insomnia. Like a very long list of other things I miss about being young (intact memory, unwrinkled skin, etc. etc.), a seamless eight or nine hours of sleep at a stretch is a … Continue reading

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