Giving thanks – NYC-style.

There’s only one place to be on Thanksgiving morning in Manhattan, and that is on the route for the Macy’s parade. Since the parade passes right by our building, we were exceedingly popular for a few hours. It was not easy to get there – the police had every route between our hotel and apartment shut down, and we all had stories to tell about talking our way through the barriers. Welcome to New York!

Tina, Viv and I watch Spiderman pass by our window

A balloon drifts by our building entrance

Bobby and Thomas enjoy the parade

Our decorator, Marjorie, and realtor, Patricia, joined us to celebrate the day and the new apartment

Not easy to find a kid-friendly space, but our bedroom sufficed for the moment

Daniel, Taylor and friends joined us

The CE and I walked back to the hotel through Central Park, which we now consider to be our "front yard"

After the parade, we headed back to the hotel to host our second event of the day – Thanksgiving dinner – next post…

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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