We Flew the Coop.

Just for a night, of course. Off with the apron and coop-cleaning gloves and on with the finery. Along with friends Pollo Amiga and Kirk, Bernadette, Dave and Karen, Rich and Mary, we got all dressed up for a good cause – the Dream Foundations 8th Annual Celebration of Dreams.


It was a lovely evening, the centerpiece of which was a runway show featuring Carolina Herrera’s stunning Spring 2010 Resort Collection. The most gorgeous clothes we’ve ever seen! There was also an incredible acrobatic pas de deux by a duo called Realis that completely wowed the audience. There were performances by American Idol winner Kris Allen, singer Taylor Dayne and long-time Dream Foundation supporters Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald. Celebs Jeff Bridges and Priscilla Presley were honored for their support of the organization and Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits) conducted the live auction. Yes, verses of “Henry the VIIIth” were sung. There were six hundred people at the sold-out event – lots of fun!


First time I've ever seen the CE in a tux!


All dressed up with someplace to go!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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5 Responses to We Flew the Coop.

  1. Katherine Gunther says:


    (I was trying to come up with something about the CE in a penguin suit, but you all look so terrific that my sassy nature has been muffled.)

  2. jess says:

    Wow!! You all look spectacular. Marilyn you look beautiful!!! Love the dress.

  3. The SB Duke says:

    I’ll take the gorgeous brunette in the middle, thank you!

  4. nikkidog says:

    Marilyn:You look even more beautiful than you did when you were Miss Miami.

  5. tina says:

    love your dress marilyn. it looks like a Carolina! and so fun to see dad in a tux. you guys make quite a power couple 🙂
    was there anything cool at the auction?

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