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Say nothing.

Mark Twain may have said it best: “If you have nothing to say, say nothing”. Today is one of those rare days when I am utterly without inspiration, chicken or otherwise. This does not ordinarily stop me, but a cautionary … Continue reading

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Home Is Where The Hens Are

In Las Vegas, the day begins with a piping hot pot of capuccino delivered to the room and a review of the days’ “tasks”: where to have lunch? Where to have dinner? Which corner of the pool has the best … Continue reading

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Waiting To Exhale – In Vegas

Some people like to face life head-on. Me, I’m all for escape. Thus, dateline: Las Vegas.¬†They say what happens here stays there, and that’s a good thing. After a hard day of shopping (me), poker (CE) and dining (both of … Continue reading

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Hens In High Places

Karma’s keepers were in Boulder, CO for a recent weekend and noted an exhibit on urban chicken coops, which turns out to be sponsored by a partnership between University of Colorado and a Boulder organization called Urban Hens ( Always … Continue reading

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Flying away.

Heading out for a few days. Still raining but chickens are dry and safe. Will check in later…

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Rainy Day Women

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “mad as a wet hen”? Multiply that times four and you can imagine what I heard when I stepped into the coop this morning. Then add in the coinkidink that the CE decided to … Continue reading

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Rude Awakening.

So I know it’s not a news flash to say that we have a somewhat animalcentric household, which is a smarty-pants way of saying that they – the dogs, the cats, the bird and the chickens – ¬†have enslaved us. … Continue reading

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